Marvel Select Bucky Captain America

As always, 1000 thank yous to Diamond Select Toys for sending us awesome stuff.  Today’s awesome stuff, the Marvel Select Bucky Captain America!

The Good

  • One of the most defining factors of Bucky Cap is of course his coloring.  Diamond Select nails the shiney blue, the rich deep black.
  • The traditional inherited Cap shield is spot on.
  • Perfect molding on the gloves.
  • Additional accessories are always appreciated, Bucky comes with a canteen and holstered knife that can be affixed to a point on his belt area (but- see negatives).
  • The cut of painted flag against the black is a perfect clean line.
  • Cowl is perfectly fitted.

The Bad

  • Wishing the variant head was included.
  • The holster on Bucky’s hip doesn’t fit his gun. I’ll whine about that 100% of the time.
  • After coming off a review where the most recent Avenging Captain America has leather straps on the shield, to go back to a wrist strap is definitely a step down (no less effective though).
  • Two accessories are included to clip to only one holder piece on Bucky’s belt, a canteen and a knfie.  So Bucky can only be thirsty, or in danger at a time…not both.

The rest

This particular version of Captain America is a divisive one.  Some folks loved Bucky Cap, some hated him.  The figure though is a definite win, capturing the lighter weight look and feel of Bucky as Cap with all the right colors and just the right gloves!  As a fan of Cap, if you don’t have this guy in your collection, you should get on that!


 Big Bad Toy Store has him for purchase.  You should always scout your local comic shop too!   If all else fails though you can go right to the source and buy Cap from Diamond Select Toys…and buy, you should!

The Pictures

MUReview received these products for free.

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