Marvel Select Avenging Captain America

A Disney Store exclusive, the Marvel Select Avenging Captain America happens to be one of the most finely detailed, amazingly well colored Marvel Select figures to date (in my honest opinion).  So awesome in fact, I even paid for shipping!  At the Disney Store…shipping is no joke!  This figure is stunning, and let me tell you why…

The Good

  • Rich colors.  Every single color on Cap explodes off of the figure.  The whites are shocking, the reds and blues are deep.  The brown of his harness is leather perfect.
  • Sharp lines adorn every inch of Cap.
  • The marbling effect used for the blue on the uniform is nothing short of impressive.
  • This iteration of Select Cap is poseable for days.
  • The body type used for this Captain America is absolutely perfect.  The right amount of bulk / muscle goes miles here.
  • The level of detail in the included stand’s sculpt of the Hydra head makes the immagery chilling.

The Bad

  • One minor complaint that I won’t notice after this review based on how I display…but I think my particular Captain America came with two left feet…
  • It would have been neat to be able to have his grenade be removable from his harness.
  • A few paint QC issues, a blue nick on his face and a bite of white into a red stripe on his torso.

The rest

Contrary to what you might imagine, with very few exceptions there is very little that when I know it’s out, I have to go get it.  This particular Captain America fell in that category for me.  The look and feel here are perfect to the character.  The build for Cap here is like none other I’ve owned.  This Cap becomes my second favorite in my collection of many…many…many Caps, only to a many hundreds of dollars fine art statue.  Absolutely worth the purchase!


Why not get him where I did.  At the Disney Store!  


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