507ee59a730cdI’ve been quiet about this.  Too quiet.   By all means, before you read on, head over here and check out the full LiveBlog about Marvel’s upcoming Nova title as part of Marvel NOW!

I thought I was missing something, maybe read the last few pages of a comic too fast, haven’t had time to get back to it but, I didn’t.  Marvel NOW! is operating under the assumption that Peter Quill (Star Lord) and Thanos  managed to squeak their way out of the Cancerverse that they were stuck in.  A place they were stuck in with Richard Rider, Nova Prime the Xandrian World Mind and the Nova Force.  Rider is now presumed dead, advertised as dead, and the Nova Force / World Mind with him.

I keep getting re-assured that answers will come by Marvel PR agents, but there isn’t an answer that is good enough for me.  I’m a Nova fan, a Richard Rider fan and for me, Nova Prime in all of his glory is one of the greatest heroes to grace the printed page.  I feel like we were robbed of the character for too long in the first place and now that he’s ‘coming back’ I feel like I’ve been robbed blind and they made off with all of my underwear too.

To catch everyone up, Thanos Star Lord and Nova got trapped in an alternate universe. Presumed dead a statue was erected to Nova and Star Lord.  With Marvel NOW! Star Lord will be helming the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos already found his way out to wreak havoc in Avengers Assemble, but the exceptionally powerful Nova Prime is presumed and still promoted to be actually dead (by Jeph Loeb).   Now, in the pages since this original incident not a reference to Richard Rider, Nova Prime has been made, certainly no clarification in printed page that he is deceased.  All the same, the Marvel NOW! universe gets a new Nova, Sam Alexander who winds up with a Nova helmet and is granted the powers to be the Human Rocket 2.0.  His own book, out in January will feature stories of him growing up and into his powers from 16 years old on.

I’ve got some questions though:

If the whole of the Nova Force died with / is stuck in the Cancerverse, how does this kid end up with some of it?

How is it possible that Thanos and Peter Quill escape, but Richard Rider doesn’t even get a mention?

These are questions that have been asked over and over, directly even to Jeph Loeb himself and not near a satisfactory answer has been received.

Unless the answer is Jeph Loeb does what Jeph Loeb wants and nearly 40 years of character canon be damned.  He’ll tell you that he respects what was done, and that Richard Rider played out his character to the pinnacle and he couldn’t possibly take it anywhere else.  That’s what he told myself and a room of many others.

I disagree, I think Rich Rider could have been taken everywhere else, and he could have taken the Silver Surfer, Quasar, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos with him and it could have been great.

Instead we get another teen hero.

We shall see…Maybe Marvel will surprise us.

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