MUReview has recently taken an interest in some of the Funko Marvel Mystery Minis now out on store shelves.  We took our first look a few weeks back with Dr. Doom, Loki and Green Goblin.  After getting 2 Dr. Doom figures in 4 purchased packs, I decided my money was more strategically well spent on eBay to get just the Minis that I wanted.  That I did, starting with the Silver Surfer.

What we like

  • Outstanding character design, true to the comic…the Silver Surfer we know and love, not so much the one we are being re-introduced to in the current comics run with slightly deformed art.
  • Excellent pose makes great use of the surfboard unique to our favorite surfer.
  • Clean lines and amazing color detail.

What we don’t like

  • Free pass here, I love it!

The Pictures

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