I don’t really have any kind of a formula that I’m looking to stick to for the action figure reviews that you will find here on MUReview.net.  I could just come up with a template and fill it out per figure, and I may yet do that.  But, with this guy, I think a little something different is in order.

As a collector, I find that it’s easy to lose sight of what it is that I’m collecting.  I tend to look at my Action Figures as little mini statues, not for play, only for display or, worse, storage.  At the core of it though, I get that the stacks of figures I have on my desk are toys.  I hope I don’t get myself ostracized from the collecting community for saying that.  Probably won’t, but I get that I’m a giant child, regardless of whether I display, or play with my toys.

Toys, as many of us know, may be enjoyed by all, but they really are for kids, children, toddlers, etc…  Collectors just get the obsessive benefit.  Because my passion / obsession is something for kids, I figured, why not let my little guy have a crack at it. He’s only 16 months old, he can’t type, but his reaction when I handed him the Marvel Universe Sentinel (Retail) from Hasbro, was worth a million of your “words”.

He has since formed a bond with this hunk of plastic that I have rarely seen with any of his other toys or stuffed animals.  He carries it around everywhere.  He tries to feed it, give it his nippy, he even asks the Sentinel to kiss his “booboos”.  From the looks of it, he has even figured out how to use it to torment the dog.  Whether he presses the chest button, or we press it for him, his eyes light up just like the Sentinels.  He lovingly refers to him as “Guy”.

Going further, and what’s even funnier is that my wife is now quoting the Sentinel, advising our son to “Stop Halt mutant” out of the kitchen.

If you want more nuts and bolts on the figure, have a look at my SDCC exclusive review here.  Also, just a quick note, the paint job is definitely different.  A few more nice details, and the silver and purple color scheme instead of the purple on purple that X-Men nerds (like me) all grew up with.  One complaint I didn’t address in my original review…or maybe I did.  This guy needs articulated hands / fingers!

It should also be mentioned that, unlike the SDCC Sentinel, this Sentinel comes in a much smaller box, different (very nice) artwork, and a pack in Wolverine that strikes me as the exact same Wolverine as can be found in the Giant Sized X-Men Box Set released earlier this year (to be reviewed at a later date).

Also, check out or SDCC 2011 Sentinel Giveaway here.

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