Another in our line of harder to find, gigantic action figures, today we will look at the Dark Galactus variant figure who stands over 20 inches in height and comes with a new take on the Silver Surfer.

The articulation here is very similar to the Sentinel, in fact, it’s pretty much identical.  The head turns and swivels, the arms rotate at the shoulders and the shoulders allow the arms to be raised, you can rotate the area between the shoulder and elbow, bend at the elbow, the wrists spin 360 degrees, the hands spin about 80 degrees, the torso will spin at the waist. The legs appear to be ball and socket joints that allow the legs to rotate 360 degrees.  These joints also allow for forward and back motion of the legs (to kick / swing).  The legs bend at the knee, and there is an additional 360 degrees of motion just below the knee.  There is a very limited tilt range of motion in the ankles. 

A solid paint, clean lines, highly detailed, probably harder not to be than to be at this scale.  Paint is consistent and even, this is a repaint of the standard Galactus using darker purples as the base colors. 

Galactus has a good few tag lines that he’ll spout when you touch the middle of the G on his chest.  His eyes and the clear portions of his helmet light up in the front and back of the figure. Galactus talks the following trash to his enemies, and your one year old (and mine):

Behold the world eating machine
I hunger
Know me mortal, know me and know fear
Who seeks galactus?
Who dares defy galactus
I am the devourer of worlds
Tremble at the might of the power cosmis (explosion)
to me my herald
you serve me now
who is so ignorant as to confront galactus
you will witness the end when i am power incarnate

Galactus is another battery powered figure.  The back of his chest piece (around the back of the figure) unclasps, and you have to use a Philips-head screw driver (small) to extract or put in batteries.  The difference between Galactus and the Sentinel is that the clasp feels much sturdier on Galactus.

Very colorful, nice artwork.  The box is the same as the retail box for the standard Galactus.  Packaging features figures selected from random waves as “buy also”, and has the signature cut corners of the larger Marvel Universe toy line boxes (which I’m not a big fan of).  Also packed in, the Silver Surfer!

Bonus (limited) Review

Galactus comes with a little friend.  His Herald, the Silver Surfer.  This Surfer in particular is translucent.  I had purchased him alone on eBay ages ago without a board, so my biggest question here, was the board translucent as well, or interchangeable with the regular single-carded Silver Surfer board.  My answer, it’s as translucent as the figure himself, a perfect match.  This Surfer is a “variant” as well.  The original Galactus comes with a Silver Surfer that has a very highly metallic / shiny finish.   However, from the original Galactus Surfer, to the single-carded Surfer, to the Surfer included with the variant Galactus, articulation and design are exactly the same and you can find a full review of the single-carded Surfer down the road.


A nice package overall.  It is exactly what it promises to be, a “variant” to the standard issue Galactus which you can still find in stock at your local Toys R Us, or online retailer.  That is, the standard issue, I have yet to this day to see a physical Dark Galactus on a store shelf.  I really like this figure a lot.  He looks great atop my computer cabinet amongst a few Bowen statues and his other Masterworks brethren.  I’d highly recommend if you are a fan, at least the standard, or this Galactus as a must have.  For the more than casual, standard is fine, for the hardcore, the Dark Galactus is great, but still not a must.  In truth I think this variant is strictly for the hard-core completest collector.  Be on the look out if you are interested, or buy it below at the standard markup.



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