Reports now abound that Hasbro’s 6″ Marvel Legends X-Men Jubilee Build-A-Figure Wave has become a shared exclusive with Diamond Distributors and Toys R’ Us.  This means you can grab them at not just TRU, but your favorite comic and specialty shops, like Big Bad Toy Store has them up for Pre-Order Now.

The case assortment for the wave is:
2x Wolverine
1x Magneto
1x Storm
2x Stryfe
2x Cyclops

The pictures of the wave…are pretty awesome.

2014-Marvel-Legends-X-Men-Storm-Infinite-Series-Figure-Packaged-e1400111411567 DC148025Alg Marvel-Legends-2014-X-Men-Legends-Case-Ratios-e1401213689553-640x372 Marvel-Legends-Stryfe-X-Men-Jubilee-Build-A-Figure-Wave-Packaged-e1400111418262 Marvel-Legends-X-Men-Series-Magneto-Packaged-with-Jubilee-Build-A-Figure-Arm-e1400111404941 Previews-Exclusive-X-Men-Marvel-Legends-Cyclops Previews-Exclusive-X-Men-Marvel-Legends-Magneto Previews-Exclusive-X-Men-Marvel-Legends-Wolverine

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