Marvel Legends Walgreens Exclusive Human Torch
Walgreens is getting more Fantastic Four love than Marvel has doled out in the last 10 years.  Hasbro Marvel Legends has spun up the wheels of hope for the first family of comics in the form of Walgreens exclusive figure releases.  The Human Torch, being the second in 2017 (the first, Invisible Woman).  Here’s the thing too, Walgreens continues to get some of the finest Marvel Legends figures Hasbro is producing, and that continues with the Human Torch.

The Good

  • Sculpted flame is perfectly executed, it looks great, believable.
  • Coloring and translucence here is excellent, conveys a dude that is on fire.
  • A spare set of fist hands allow his flame accessories to fit very well on his hands.  
  • His left open hand may be the most beautifully sculpted action figure hand I’ve ever seen, the fingers are perfect!  
  • Included flame scarf fits on snugly, enhances the look of the figure.
  • A monster amount of articulation here, the only thing he’s missing is the butterfly shoulder / chest joints.  He’s got thigh cuts, calf cuts, double joints, ab crunch, everything you’d want.

The Bad

  • It’s long past time that Hasbro puts out their own flight stands and stand stands.  This Human Torch is screaming for one!
  • Greed ask.  It would have been amazing to have an alt partial, or non-flame head.  


The rest

Hasbro is quickly filling in the Fantastic Four roster spots through Walgreens exclusives.  Last go round in Invisible Woman, there was a bit of a lag in the release, and she’s still tricky to find on shelves in the wild.  She’s been available at for some time though, so collectors have had it easy that way at least.  Human Torch though, it was a secondary market trickle for about a week, and now Walgreens shelves are STACKED with him.  That’s amazing news for collectors, you save on shipping, and maybe you can grab him with Invisible Woman, because she’s floating around now too.  You’ll want to grab them both, because we’ve already been shown Reed Richards, Thing isn’t far behind.  It’s time to modernize your Fantastic Four with these incredible Hasbro Marvel Legends additions!


Johnny Storm, call him, “Storm the Hottest and most Visible”?  Is available today from!

The Pictures


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