Well folks.  I’ve got amazing news, and really just god awful news.  Today, Hasbro Pulse revealed their final silhouette.  It’s Quasar.  It’s not just Quasar, but it’s the most amazing looking figure I could have hoped for.  It’s the kind of figure that makes fans of the 6 inch line really angry that they aren’t getting it (yet at least, who knows).  The moulding, the bracers, the way the cape fits, the colors.  Even the shape of the face.  This is definitely the cosmic fanboy in me speaking, but next to Nova Prime, this is the figure I’ve always wanted, and just this one single front shot shows that Hasbro and the Marvel Legends 3.75″ team  has taken the task of creating Quasar and Annihilated it….see what I did there?


Now, the bad news.  These folks are Marvel Legends Wave 3 for 2016…so…the wait will be absolute murder.  Bravo Hasbro, an awesome line up awaits, and I can’t wait for it!  The wave is expected in August of 2016.














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