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Marvel Legends Thor and Hulk 2-Pack

Well, it’s Saturday and I bet you thought that MUReview was gonna take a little break from posting all things Hasbro… well, nope!  Today, thanks to local Toys R Us love, we get a crack at the Marvel Legends Thor and Hulk 2-pack!  And ya know what?  Because I like ya, I’m gonna take a look at the Enchantress and Executioner 2-pack tomorrow!  It’s madness!  We are going on two solid weeks of Hasbro Marvel reviews and we can’t get enough!  But I digress, let’s talk about Thor and Hulk.  This 2-pack features the unlikely duo in their movie decos from the upcoming Ragnarok film.  I can’t wait for the movie, so Hasbro dropping all of this Thor Ragnarok product on August 1, perfect timing, but are the figures perfect?  Let us discuss….

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The Good

  • All of the war paint on his armor, face, everywhere, it looks really well done, intentionally placed, and from the trailer, movie accurate.
  • Clever connection points for his half cape, it stays on very well.
  • His helmet looks great.
  • His face looks movie accurate, really nice for this scale.
  • Articulation is good overall here, not outstanding, but good.  The absence of ab-crunch is felt, but the figures without it have much better looking torso decos #sorrynotsorry.
  • The paint here, really well done overall with limited exception.  I know I mentioned specifically the warpaint, but throughout the deco, it’s solid, really good re-creation of what we’ve seen in trailers.
  • Why does he have Mjolnir? Hmmmm….

The Bad

  • It’d of been really cool if the wings on his helmet were articulated like int he trailer.
  • The inside of the front of his helmet is painted flesh color.  Oh well.


The Good

  • Probably my favorite movie Hulk figure to date.  They all look too much like Mark Ruffalo.  It looks like Marvel, and in this case Hasbro by way of Marvel are taking steps to Make Hulk Hulk look less like Mark Hulk and I like it.  
  • That said, this looks like the guy I’ve seen in the trailers and we should all be happy about that.
  • Again, the attention to detail in the warpaint, fantastic!
  • Included hammer and helmet look great and movie-like.  
  • The feathering on the top of the helmet, amazing, very well done!
  • The sculpt detail on his metallic parts is astonishing, the shoulder pad, the gauntlets.  The design on the leather pieces underneath, there is so much detail here.  
  • My clever kid stuffed Hulks war hammer in the back of his leather straps, it looks awesome.

The Bad

  • I really love this figure, but no ab-crunch for articulation fans.  I have to put something in this that’s all I’m saying. 


The Rest

Hasbro is continuing their 3.75″ movie love with this Thor Ragnarok 2-pack and I have 0 complaints.  They did a great job with both characters, movie accurate (at least from what I can see in the trailers), and the figures feel good.  They are a little limited in articulation, but these are two of the behemoths of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they shouldn’t really be all that acrobatic in the first place.  If you love 3.75″, and you can’t wait for Thor Ragnarok (in theaters November 2017), you can’t go wrong with this set.  Another fine job by the Marvel 3.75″ figure designers at Hasbro, you know who you are!


Thor and Hulk are available now from Amazon for $32.  If you buy them from that link, I get some money, so that’d be nice, but that’s way too expensive.  Go to Toys R Us or hit up our friends at  It’s retail at those other places.

Family Photos!


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