Marvel Legends: Thanos (Build A Figure)
Along with the latest wave of Avengers Legends figures released in support of Avengers Age of Ultron (Cap, Hulk, Iron Man, etc…), the build a figure is one of …cosmic proportions.  The biggest, the baddest in the Marvel Universe, Thanos.  Thanos is decked out in his modern age Marvel finest, not the way a lot of fans like to remember him with blue, yellow and a gold glove with some gems, but I’m happy to have this BAF all the same!


The Good

  • That grin.
  • Clean paint.
  • Just the right kinda bulky.
  • Stands well and looks great hanging around Guardians and Nova.

The Bad

  • Thanos’s neck / shoulder guard pops loose frequently, not a lot holding it in place, just two nubs, but if you move his arms it pops up.
  • As with many BAFs his chest / torso joint is a little loose which makes him feel less sturdy than he should at his size.

The rest

I stated at the start, I’ve heard rumblings of disgruntlement about the fact that this is modern Thanos and not Infinity Gauntlet era Thanos.  All things being equal, if you want that Gauntleted Thanos, go pick up the Marvel Select version, it exists, it’s great, it even comes with Death.  This Thanos though, he fills a hole in a lot of scenarios, He fits great with movie figures, and great with modern Marvel figures.  Not much to complain about for me!


Yer gonna need to buy 5 figures at $19.99 to put this bad boy together.  Keep an eye out for deals, keep fingers crossed, get on huntin’ folks. He’s in stores now!


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