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Marvel Legends Star-Lord and Yondu 2-Pack

Hasbro first announced their 3.75″ roster of 2-packs at the 2017 New York Toy Fair.  We had a look at comic Shocker and Spidey earlier in the year.  Now, thanks to the magic of movies, we are going to dive into 3 more 2-packs, starting here with Star-Lord and Yondu.  The 2-pack features the characters in their Guardians of the Galaxy 2 decos.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet…be warned there are spoilers below and in the images.  

Star-Lord | Yondu The Rest | Availability Family Photos


The Good

  • Star-Lord is well captured in his waist coat with mask, solid design and movie accurate.
  • Detail on his mask is very good, sculpt shows an exceptional amount of detail and paint is spot on.
  • Star-Lord comes with his blasters, and it is beyond words that I appreciate he has “holsters” for them in the form of hanging pegs on his legs, they stay on there very well.
  • Good leg and arm articulation for Star-Lord, ankle rockers, ball and socket hips. 
  • He looks movie “dashing” in figure form. Well done!
  • Jacket is packed with sculpting detail, amazing tiny lines everywhere.

The Bad

  • Jacket makes him look a little top heavy / bulkier than I’d like.
  • No unmasked head included.


The Good

  • That grin!  Yondu’s smile is perfectly captured.  The folks at Hasbro have taken Michael Rooker and made him 4 inches tall.  Perfect face sculpt here.PERFECT!
  • The blue skin is the exact right color.  
  • Yondu is designed in such a way that his iconic coat pull back pose is easy to achieve, it’s almost the default pose give or take an arm shift.
  • Yondu features his larger sized “enhanced” fin, it is well sculpted and detailed, tons of visible tiny lines.
  • Like Star-Lord, Yondu has an incredibly detailed and textured jacket / outfit.

The Bad

  • Yondu has a holster for his arrow, but doesn’t have his arrow. 


The Rest

Hasbro is heavily supporting Marvel movies in 2017, Guardians 2, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, DEADPOOL (Rainbow Deadpool 5 pack), Thor Ragnarok (Enchantress, Executioner, Thor, Hulk).  Folks are pretty vocal about limited offerings in the 3.75″ scale in 2017, but when you look at that roster, adding in the Spider-Man Amazon box set, Wave 1 of 3.75 with Moon Knight, the coming wave 2 featuring Age of Apocalypse Magneto, we are up over 30 3.75″ scale figures.  I don’t have more than 10 fingers, so counting above that is pretty hard for me, but I think including comic and movie line figures last year, as well as the SDCC exclusive last year, we aren’t that far off in 2017 than 2016, a handful less maybe.  I’m hoping the above fuzzy math helps some folks back away from the ledge.  3.75 is still getting a solid amount of attention, I think we are gonna be ok.  What was I talking about? Yondu and Star-Lord!  Right, great two-pack, pick it up!  Last warning before spoilers in photos.


Yondu and Star-Lord are available now from Amazon for less than $20.  Go grab em!


Family Photos!


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