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Legends Spider-Man Wave 2 2017 – Beetle Mark II
One of two iconic comic-based Spider-Man villains in this Homecoming wave, Beetle is now a Marvel Legend his 3rd time over!  Fairly different iterations each time, and this time we get his Mark II armor.  Hasbro pulls out some neat tricks for this guy and he’s a figure you are going to have to have.  Tell your wallet I’m sorry (notsorry).

The Good

  • The green paint here is a site to behold up close.  It makes the figure look textured even though it’s smooth, and the shimmer effect is perfect.
  • Sculpting here is limited, but Hasbro nailed it for the character.
  • The neat tricks I was referring to, the wings and scarab shells.  The connection points are solid.  Each piece is articulated, amazing amount of pose-ability here.
  • The folded up shell on the back looks really cool and beetly.  
  • Molding on the belt / mid section is well executed.
  • Beetle features solid articulation, all modern points except for the butterfly chest, and for him it wouldn’t really make sense anyway. 

The Bad

  • Based on how the packaging is setup, I have a little bend on one of his mask tips.  I’m sure it will come out, but it’s the only knock on an otherwise remarkable figure.

The rest

As Marvel Legends figures go, Beetle is another example of simple is spectacular.  Hasbro perfectly executed on a comic book character here.  His costume is clean, and as said, simple.  Where he shines is in the paint application / color and hugely, in his wing section, in both connection point and added articulation.  Beetle is going to make a really cool display piece and should find a home on any Spider-Man fan’s shelf.  


Available on Amazon for shipping, today.  No mark up either!  Our friends over at BigBadToyStore have him available for pre-order now too!  This figure is an easy buy.  Go get it.

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MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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