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Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Vulture 2-Pack

Did you get to check out Spider-Man Homecoming?  If you didn’t, you owe it to yourself to get on that sooner than later.  In my humble and mostly irrelevant opinion, it does the best justice to the Spider-Man character that I’ve seen on the big screen.  It was filled with fun, action, comedy, and some incredibly tense scenes between Spidey and Vulture.  It left me wanting more, and excited to see what happens next.  Also doing justice to the Spider-Man character, Hasbro, in this Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming 2-pack featuring Spider-Man and Vulture.  

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The Good

  • Beautifully sculpted web lines all over Spidey.
  • Additional sculpt detail features down the blue – non-webbed portions of the costume add excellent definition to the figure.
  • Black uniform highlights are clean and movie accurate.
  • Web shooters are nicely visible, clearly defined in paint.  
  • Sculpted / painted spiders look movie accurate.
  • Figure features a solid amount of articulation, obviously important for any Spidey figure, ab-crunch, ankle rockers, ball and socket hips.

The Bad

  • The way the figure is packaged has caused a case of janky knee.  Nothing some boiling water can’t fix.
  • I would have liked to have seen the web lines throughout his uniform filled in with a darker color, black, grey.  It’s nice that the lines are part of the sculpt / mold, but color would make it pop.


The Good

  • Vulture is highly movie accurate from head to toe.
  • Vulture claw feet look fantastic and help balance the figure, even with wings attached.
  • Wings, with some limitations are movie accurate.  They fit on the figure very, very well, and he’s able to maintain balance thanks to said claw feet.
  • Helmet looks as menacing as it does in the movie.
  • Paint application is clean and again, accurate.
  • Articulation is good for a character like this, he’s not overly mobile in the film, articulation here allows for most poses you see on screen.

The Bad

  • The greedy me wants to see the spinning thrusters on the wings.  I’m sure it’d be near impossible in this scale, but I want it.
  • I’d love to see the mask articulate up to reveal Keaton face.

The Rest

This wraps up our Marvel Legends movie 2-packs, at least until the Thor 2-packs come out (Executioner / Enchantrees and Thor / Hulk).  Posts on Facebook and Instagram suggest that they are already hitting shelves, but the official street date, we were told is August 1.  Hasbro has done an excellent job in 3.75″ scale, representing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I’m eager for that to continue.  I can’t wait to see what great figures the 2018 Avengers movie will inspire!  I also can’t wait to see what Hasbro announces at the coming conventions for the remainder of 2017.  We will be here to bring you all of that great news and more!  Go get this set!


Available now at Amazon for $22!  Click here to grab it.

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