I really enjoy what I get to do here.  I love this site and all that it affords me.  Granted…technically it affords me not much more than the chance to share my passion for Marvel, action figures, Nova, Marvel Cosmic and pretty much anything that’s awesome, with all of you.

Rare though, it is that I get to put a post together that can be categorized as plastic porn.  For me, that is the best way I can describe the Marvel Legends Nova figure as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy toy line (2014).

Nova – Marvel Legends / Guardians of the Galaxy

Nova is one of the closest things to perfection I have ever witnessed in plastic form.  The likeness to Richard Rider is astonishing.  This figure captures the Annihilation era Nova Prime every bit as capably as the Bowen Modern Nova statue.  All aspects are covered, the wrist and shin guards, the helmet, the burst, even the Marvel Universe forgotten Nova burst on the back of the uniform.

photo 3
Nova benefits from not only amazing character likeness, but highly flexible articulation.  Rocking and tilting ankles, double jointed knees, arms with a near full range of motion.  You can set Nova up in many of his incredibly iconic poses….however, there is one missing, because there is no spinning of the forearms (only wrists), this exceptional cover is impossible to replicate   C’est La Vie.








photo 5 Interesting attention to detail is paid on the shoulder guards, they are hinged and can be raised and lowered.  This adds even further to the exceptional pose ability with this figure.











photo 1Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain Nova in package, this is a desparate eBay special because I absolutely had to grab it and hold the precious.  While I know many other sites have beaten me to the punch on a look at Nova, I’m happy to have him in my house.  I expect the full line shortly, but until then this guy is coming to work and will live on my desk in glory.  That said though, buying loose has it’s disadvatges.  Namely…it’s loose. Joints, neck,  ankles, arms, everything is very loose.  I want to believe this is not the case with a nice legit figure, and I’ll continue to hold out hope.







photo 3Nova and the rest of his Guardians buddies are likely to hit retail / big box store shelves some time this week so keep an eye out.  Even if you  aren’t a fan of the Guardians, Nova is a top notch comic faithful recreation that is a must own for any true Marvel Cosmic fan.  I hear murmurings of 6/20…so start the line now!  You’ll be behind me!

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