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Marvel Legends Marvel Thor Ragnarok 2017 Wave: Thor

Thor Rangaork comes out in theaters Friday November 3….that’s 5 days away.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m freakin’ out a little because I can’t wait to see it.  The toys though…the movie always gets these Marvelous toys (see what I did there?).  Now, the litlgeeks and MUReview had a look at some of the great toys Hasbro has out to support the film for the younger folks, today, we are going to start our look at the big kids toys.  Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok!  We get started with what so many people have been buzzing about, new look Thor with short hair…and no hammer!

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The Good

  • The theme of this wave is going to get redundant and I don’t even care if you are mad at me about it.  The facial replication from life to plastic is astonishing.  Hemsworth is captured in this figure like he has never been before.  It’s truly a thing of beauty.  
  • Deco here is dead on movie accurate (at least from what we’ve seen in the trailers). 
  • Paint and finish have that metallic sparkle and shine in all the right places.  The blue really pops.
  • Thor comes with a removable shin guard, clips on and stays on without a problem.
  • The sculpt of the figure is just ham packed with details from his jerkin to the leather of his pants.
  • Thor’s swords look movie perfect.  
  • His cape …ish thing connects very well and you can still pose him pretty well with it attached without having it pop out or fall off.  

The Bad

  • The presence of a helmet-less alt head is felt pretty hard here.  Especially since he’s got the new haircut and all.

The Rest

Nothing like kicking off a wave of figure reviews with the lead dog.  Hemsworth Thor gets pretty much everything right, stunning new head sculpt thanks to “the technologies”, movie proper accessories, and a deco exploding with fine point detail.  Add to that, he comes with Hulk’s head and helmet, you get solid value, a fantastic figure, very little to complain about.  I am really looking forward to the movie, you should be too!  In theaters November 3, and all of the figures in this wave in stores now, what more can you ask for! …reviews of the rest of the figures?  I knew it!  Stay tuned, up next is Loki!



MUReview received these figures for free for review purposes from Hasbro

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