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Marvel Legends Marvel Thor Ragnarok 2017 Wave: Odinson

Comic figure number two in this auspicious Thor Ragnarok wave…Odinson (Thor)…(Thor without the hammer…but he still has long hair).  Hasbro has done us an exceptional service with Thor figures.  One of my favorite Thor storylines ever, Godbomb, brought together several versions of Thor to fight off an all encompassing evil.  With Odinson, we get the last of the Thor’s from that run.  We got Old Man Thor with the metal arm, King Thor (thanks to the head swap BAF Odin), and now, Odinson.  Each is awesome, while being very definitely Thor.  We got a look at lefty Thor from this years SDCC exclusive Thor set, and..well…we never got hands on King Thor, but one day!  For now, Odinson…with two arms and an absolutely perfect jaw line.

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The Good

  • The mold is the same as the SDCC set Thor, all articulation is the same, and fantastic.  
  • Cape also the same, looks great, just a different shade of red, a younger shade of red.
  • This Thor is shirted, vs the SDCC set, so no visible chest hair here.  Nice rich black coloring on his shirt.
  • Thor’s Axe (Jarnbjorn) features, tons of detail on a relatively small piece in the axe head.  Lots of pretty line work here.

The Bad

  • Loving this figure, even the hair sits better than on the SDCC version.  

The Rest

At some point, I’d love to see Hasbro revisit the classic Thor in Legends 6″ scale, for now, the wavy blonde locks we have here will more than suffice to fill my default Thor display.  He’s a solid figure, the face sculpt is bananas, and he’s got the right bulk to be the best Thor.  



MUReview received these figures for free for review purposes from Hasbro

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