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Marvel Legends Marvel Thor Ragnarok 2017 Wave: Jane Foster Thor

The third and final comic figure from this Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends wave, Thor (Jane Foster).  Now, the Battle for Asgard SDCC box set was tough to get, and while the cost was basically the same cost per figure as going to the store and buying a Legends figure, maybe if you just wanted Jane Foster, cost was prohibitive.  Well, thanks to the magic of good thinking by Hasbro, they have made Jane Foster available to the general public in this Thor Ragnarok wave.  Good thing too, because if you are a fun, you’d be missing out otherwise.  This figure is absolutely worth a look!

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The Good

  • This yet again marvelous Jane Foster Thor figure is based on the same sculpt soup to nuts as the SDCC release.  Most of the high and low points are the same as the SDCC review, so forgive me for a little copy paste. 
  • No heels!  She can stand very well on her own.
  • Highly comic accurate helmet to boot.
  • Solid articulation allows whatever Thor-esque poses you need.
  • Intricate design work is present all over the figure, but stand out specifically on her waist cloth, emblazoned with the T.  The etching / gold on her helmet is perfect!
  • Tons of line work that you might not notice unless you look close, helmet, breast plate, most of her metal parts are packed with fine detail.
  • This figure diverges from the SDCC set version in color palate, and of course, she has a non-translucent hammer.  Colors here are brighter…cheerier if you will.  Otherwise, she’s beautiful either way.  

The Bad

  • Greed wants a removable helmet.
  • Her cape hangs a little loosely out of the back connection point.  

The Rest

This second chance at Jane Foster Thor is highly welcome.  She’s had her own comic run for some time now, she’s got a following, and she definitely deserved to be a main line figure.  This fantastic take on Thor of the modern world deserves your attention and a purchase, so get it done.



MUReview received these figures for free for review purposes from Hasbro

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