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Marvel Legends Marvel Thor Ragnarok 2017 Wave: Gladiator Hulk

And now…the moment at least a few of you have been waiting for…Gladiator Hulk!! The …girthy build a figure from this Thor Ragnarok 2017 Marvel Legends wave of figures.  He’s big, he’s bad, he’s mean, he’s got a great hat!  Now, if yer hear with me, I hope you’ve read the six reviews that preceded this post, and I hope they inspired you to go out and get all six figures, because you’ll need them to make this one, and you’ll want this one, because how long has it been since we got a great Hulk in the Legends line?  A long time!

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The Good

  • He’s just hulking…he’s heavy, he feels massive, feels bigger than he actually is.  Very dense, thick figure.  
  • Face sculpt is once again, screen perfect.
  • Gorgeous, screen accurate deco, war paint all looks dead on to what I’ve seen in the trailer.
  • Overall detail is crazy, his armor has so many sculpt details, as does his clothing, just so much rich and deep character design comes through here!
  • The helmet looks and fits perfectly.
  • Weapons fit well in Hulks hands.

The Bad

  • The rumors you’ve heard are unfortunately warranted, depending on how you have Hulk posed, you may notice some lean / droop / bend in the heavier war hammer.  Nothing that can’t be bent back into shape!  Boiling water fixes most things!

The Rest

This Hulk is an outstanding figure, and an outstanding build a figure.  It’s a surprise that this is the first Hulk BAF since the return of Marvel Legends, he seems so long overdue, and overdue in a larger than life BAF format.  There is a brain itch that really wishes this was a BAF comic based Hulk, but I’m thrilled for what we have here.  Comic fans take heart though, you can check out Marvel Legends 12-inch for a Hulk figure that will fit rather nicely with your 6 inch collection, just consider him a …really Hulked out Hulk.  Back to Gladiator Hulk though, so much detail, so many amazing textures throughout the figure, crazy accurate face sculpt again thanks to Hasbro magic.  You have to buy 6 figures to get him, he’s absolutely worth the price of admission.  This is a killer build a figure!


  • You can pickup the whole wave here!  Hulk is the Build A Figure, you want him, you are going to have to spring for the whole wave or find him assembled on the aftermarket (eBay).


MUReview received these figures for free for review purposes from Hasbro

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