Marvel Legends: Machine Man
It is a credit to Hasbro that characters as deep in the Marvel catalog as Machine Man are being explored for figure production.  Better, they made him a pretty nice Legends scale figure.  Packed with a pair of arms….and another pair of arms, Machine Man is definitely worth a look.

Machine Man

The Good

  • This is a simple character from a simpler time.  That being the case, Hasbro didn’t have to pull a lot of tricks to do Machine Man justice, and they did do him justice.
  • Clean paint application.
  • Spare and extended hands / arms included.
  • Well scaled for the character.

The Bad

  • The extended hands are nice…I would have really liked some extended legs though.

The rest

Many Marvel fans may not have a clue who Machine Man is.  Fans should, and will pick him up right away.  Everyone else will probably just be in it for the Build a Figure pieces.


This wave is available now, and Machine Man may be the easiest to score, being the least known of the group.


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