Marvel Legends Infinite Series: Hawkeye
The Allfather Wave is upon us and has been for a little while now.  Included, Hawkeye, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Machine Man, Sentry and Iron Fist.  Included with each, enough pieces to build a body for Odin, the Allfather…or, King Thor.  If the Internet is to be believed, Hawkeye from this series is one of two early front runners to be what the cool kids call a “peg warmer”.  I’ll tell you below why it shouldn’t be, but case ratios may end up making the Internet right.  Either way, I think this is a pretty nice figure.


The Good

  • In an age of Jeremy Renner / maskeless Hawkeye, or super trendy and high art Clint Barton, it’s great to see this mostly classic rendition of an old favorite.
  • Nice scalloping detail on Hawkeyes left arm and jerkin.
  • His quiver fits nicely into the socket on his back.
  • Bow fits well in Hawkeye’s bow hand.
  • Sharp, clean lines and good paint detail.
  • Hawkeye comes with the torso build-a-figure piece.

The Bad

  • No single arrow included.
  • Hawkeyes shoulders rise high above the tops of his arms making things look a little off kilter.

The rest

For $20 you get Hawkeye and the all important torso BAF piece.  If you want King Thor or Odin, yer gonna need him.  The good news is, he’s a solid Legends scale Hawkeye.  He’s also got a built in fan base, and those fans should not pass this fine plastic up.


You can find Hawkeye wherever fine Marvel Legends figures are sold.


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