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Marvel Legends HASCON 2017 Exclusive: Deadpool

Well well well Deadpool you saucey minx, we meet again.  Hasbro caught lightening in a bottle with last years Marvel Legends Deadpool release (2016 X-Men wave).  Hasbro did something we haven’t seen before with a figure, and went and released a whole case of just Deadpool figures!  Fans of Deadpool can rejoice a whole second time!  First released at HASCON 2017 (soon to follow on 9/20), the X-Force Deadpool is an epic follow up to the vanilla flavored Deadpool of 2016.  

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The Good

  • He’s different!  X-Force Deadpool is not only sporting his X-Force color scheme, he comes with different accessories and pieces!
    • Different Bazooka tip accessory (blast instead of boxing glove).
    • Different blue “plastic toy gun” look, as opposed to two grey handguns.
    • Different “Rifle” type weapon, Deadpool red and black color themed. 
    • Two tricked out red and black color themed hand guns as opposed to two grey handguns.
    • Belt accessory is entirely different, features only utility packs, where red and black had holsters.
  • His boots are different, red and black had buckles, these are clean shins down to the feet with no sculpting.
  • Same pieces:
    • Swords
    • Sword sheathes / harness
    • Hip holster for gun
    • unmasked head
    • taco
    • bazooka (different color, same base bazooka).
  • Differences notwithstanding, this X-Force Deadpool does an outstanding job of representing his comic-self from head to toe.
  • Beautiful, clean paint application, sharp lines separate black and grey.
  • Perfect masked face expression.
  • He can still hold his taco perfectly.
  • Deadpool features some pretty fantastic, full modern suite of, articulation.  

The Bad

  • Some of the accessory differences leave him with less easy ways for him to carry along all the pieces (fewer holsters).  I like holsters for all things…oh well.

The Rest

Some folks were mad at first announcement that this absolutely sick Deadpool figure would be made a convention exclusive.  I for one felt it made sense to earmark Hasbro’s first ever HASCON convention with something really fantastic.  It was known pretty early to boot too though, that this would be available after HASCON at  We now have info on when it will be available, 9/20.  That means literally anyone with the internet, payment method, and a shipping address has a chance to get hands on.  That’s good news, because he’s worth wanting.  Hasbro knocked it out of the park with this X-Force Deadpool figure, very little to want for here.




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