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Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 2017 : Rocket and Groot
Welcome to the Frickin Marvel Legends toy line, first ever fully articulated Rocket! (only he didn’t say ‘frickin’).  Rocket comes to us in this second Guardians of the Galaxy wave of 2017 with his little buddy Groot all dolled up in Ravager gear.  MUReview wants to thank Hasbro once again for sending us the second wave of Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends as we dive into this Rocket Raccoon figure.  He’s awesome, he’s furry (plastic furry), he’s got the Galaxy’s favorite little Groot, and he’s ready to steal some batteries!  Note – not stolen, this Rocket figure.  Hasbro sent him to us for free to review for you!

The Good

  • Rocket is fully articulated!  Elbows, knees, ankles, thigh cuts, shoulders, torso, hips, tail. Hasbro really stepped to the challenge of making a fully articulated Rocket and knocked it out of the park (with one exception – see “The Bad”).
  • Rocket comes with a second head.  Each head has a unique Rocket-like expression. 
  • Rocket has 2 guns that fit perfectly in his hands.
  • Hasbro has done an excellent job of capturing movie Rocket in all of his detailed glory.  
  • Rocket’s fur is well sculpted and rich in detail.
  • Groot is along for the ride in his oh-too-adorable Ravager outfit.  He looks great! Hasbro was able to pack in a ton of detail and paint work on a very tiny piece. 
  • BAF piece included here is Mantis’s torso.  

The Bad

  • No articulated jaw.  A whole second head instead of an articulated jaw.  I see why they did it, but the jaw, it looks, almost like it is articulated…but it’s not. 

The rest

Yer gonna need to buy this.  It’s Rocket at his finest, and Groot at his cutest.  With two heads, you have solid display value for Rocket.  Overall value is here too, Hasbro did an excellent job of packing in a bunch of pieces for this package that will delight collectors and kids alike!  They had to! This is a sure-to-be-asked-for young child purchase, as well as a collector purchase.  It features the films most lovable characters, both really well executed by Hasbro, so, get to hunting!


I can’t find this little guy on Amazon anywhere.  BigBadToyStore has him available for pre-order though!  Keep your eye on local store shelves over the next month or two as well, and don’t pay more than MSRP ($19.99), because I’m sure you will get your shot at this if you are patient!

The Pictures



MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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