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Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 2017: Gamora
Today we have a look at Gamora from the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy 2017 Wave 2 lineup.  A reminded thank you to Hasbro for sending us this whole wave for free to review for everyone out there in Internet land!  Gamora saw her role well expanded in 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.  Her relationship with her sister Gamora gets so much more depth and she is brought more to life as a character.  Hasbro picked up that ball and ran with it for the figure.  Our first look at Gamora in 6 inch plastic was the 2014 movie figure release, our second, the Guardians box set release (comic version), and this is now our third go round for Gamora.  While the comic version will never be supplanted as my favorite, this Gamora improves dramatically on all points over the 2014 release.  I’m a little bummed I don’t still have the previous figure to compare (kids), but it is funny to read how much I thought the 2014 figure looked like Zoe Saldana, without comparison, I see it, but now…compared to this absolute beauty of a figure it definitely doesn’t hold up!  Before we take a swim in the pool of Gamora, let me thank Hasbro for sending to us for free!

The Good

  • Hasbro is making real people faces and they look amazing in 2017.  Likeness to Zoe is brilliant, dead on.  
  • All of the etching and sculpting detail in Gamora’s face looks movie perfect.
  • Another great female character is brought to us, thankfully without heels on her shoes!  No issues standing with good balance here.
  • Inclusion of both the short and extended swords here is really cool.  Especially since the short sword can be holstered.  
  • Gamora also gets a nice gun to reminisce back to the start of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.
  • Gamora features solid articulation across the board.
  • Gamora’s heair looks amazing in both sculpt detail and color.  
  • The coat this figure wears is movie perfect, looks great, and allows for full movement of all limbs.  I love the flare out effect!

The Bad

  • Gamora’s hair limits head movement.
  • Keeping the collapsed sword holstered is a little tricky, it tends to pop out.  

The rest

Gamora is a beautiful figure.  Another achievement in Hasbro’s ability to capture the look and essence of a real life person on a movie screen and bring them down to the plastic level.  Hasbro’s treatment of Gamora is incredibly faithful and it’s tough to ask for more when you get something this good.


By early accounts it looks like Gamora could be one of the trickier figures to find in this wave.  She’s sold out at BigBadToyStore, and even with aftermarket pricing she’s back ordered till August 31 on Amazon from “other sellers”.  Let that date sink in a bit before you go crazy though.  Hunt by all means, but it’s possible that full stock refresh across the board is coming later this summer, hopefully sooner.  Don’t pay more than retail!  Keep your eyes on Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and talk to the fine folks at your favorite local comic shop!  Gamora will be yours!

The Pictures


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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