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Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 2017 : Ex Nihilo
Ex Nihilo? Really?  Did NOT think we’d end up getting an action figure out of Ex Nihilo.  He’s an awesome character.  He’s really cool looking, but he was only alive from 2013-2015 in the Marvel Comic Universe and he was in some really wild story arcs that lead up to the hotly debated 2015 run of Secret Wars (which fully up-ended the Marvel Comic Universe!).  Don’t think me complaining.  I really like the character, I think he has a great back story, I enjoyed the Gardeners and the Builders.  Where it all led, I’d rather not discuss.  At the end of the day though, I’m excited to have Ex Nihilo in plastic.  Thank you Hasbro for making him, and thank you even more for sending him to me for free to review!

The Good

  • Hasbro absolutely nailed the grinning face.
  • Head sculpt is perfect.
  • The gold coloring, dead on for the comics and in the right lighting, ominous!
  • Limited opportunity with this character to show off paint detail, but what is there (chest logo) is clean and sharp.
  • Scale is exactly as it should be.
  • Hand sculpts are almost sinister looking.  Very well done!

The Bad

  • This is a pure greed ask.  Ex Nihilo should have been in a two pack with Abyss!

The rest

Ex Nihilo is a risk for Hasbro that I’m sure they knew they were taking.  He’s newer Marvel character, introduced as part of Marvel Now in 2013.  He’s been a part of some of Marvel’s strangest story arcs to date, and he died in 2015.  I could swear I’ve seen him in a book or two since, but still. The character is amazing, short lived, and definitely counts among Marvel’s roster of more obscure characters. Fans of the character are die-hard though.  He won me over early in his run and I’m thrilled to have him as a figure.  He’s a part of the cosmic side of Marvel things, and for me that’s an instant must own.  For everyone else, maybe you don’t know him, but he’s a well executed figure and a character that is pretty cool to look at.  Go for it.


$20 bucks on Amazon, TuhDAY!  Go get him folks, he’s worth the cost of admission by a mile.

The Pictures


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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