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Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 2017 : Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock was there at the beginning for me.  When the flames of my love for comic books were first truly stoked.  He’s been around since before I was born too, but when I was truly born into comics, Adam Warlock was there, wielding the Infinity Gauntlet.  I never looked back.  Alongside the Silver Surfer and Thanos, he was what started my deep interest in all things Marvel Cosmic.  When Marvel brought him back around after a quiet little while for the Dan Abnett / Andy Lanning run of Guardians of the Galaxy, I couldn’t have been happier.  It’s been a long time since that run too though, so to now get hands on that beloved (by me) Adam Warlock…and Magus?!?!  Christmas in May!  Truly Christmas in May, because Uncle Santa (Hasbro) sent me this 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 of Marvel Legends for free to share with all of the awesome readers out there!  Thank you!

The Good

  • Adam’s orange skin is the perfect shade.
  • Strong face detail conveys Adam at his white eyed finest.
  • Magic effect accessories are a perfect fit for the character and look great with light blue coloring.
  • Adam’s sash and belt look and fit perfectly while allowing full movement of his lower extremities.
  • Warlock features a healthy amount of modern Legend articulation omitting really only the butterfly chest joints, otherwise it’s all there.
  • Here’s where it gets next level.  The hair.  Adam’s hair is highly detailed, well sculpted, looks perfect.  
  • Warlock comes with a second head, an old friend, Magus.  There is an exceptional amount of varied and alternate detail in Magus’ head outside of the color.
  • Magus has his own set of perfectly colored, incredibly well sculpted hair.  
  • Hasbro has nailed the psychopathic eyed look that Magus deserves to show.  
  • The contrast between Adam Warlock and Magus is staggering, Warlock with the stoic face, Magus with the crazed smile.  They are going to look great side by side on my Cosmic shelf!
  • Uniform detail is sharp and paint is really just Spic and Span clean here.
  • Warlock includes the head BAF piece for Mantis, we will talk about her in her own post (spoiler, awesome).  

The Bad

  • With limited exception, Hasbro has done away with the “running change” concept of figure releases.  For the most part, it’s been a blessing.  Trying to keep up with all running changes was a challenge, but some collectors really loved it.  The reason I mention it here though, is …I want a vintage look Adam Warlock AND Magus running change, and it’s in “the bad” because I’m probably never going to get that.  Still, happy I have this, for me, he’s a perfect figure!


The rest

This whole wave of figures (as you will see in the coming days) is full of knock out, drop dead gorgeous figures.  It makes picking a favorite very difficult.  Characters I never thought I’d see in plastic, costumes I never thought I’d get.  Ex Nihilo?  Death’s Head II?  In 2017, we are showered in the riches of glorious action figures and Hasbro is doing amazing things.  I have to call it for this wave though.  I love every figure in the wave that comes after Adam Warlock, but I can love none greater than Adam Warlock.  He’s a character core to my love of comics and this particular package contains him in one of my favorite incarnations.  It also includes him in one of my favorite evil incarnations.  You’ll notice from the pictures, Adam and Magus standing side by side.  When the figure popped up on Amazon the first go round, I had to order one, I knew I needed two of these to properly and forever display Magus and Adam Warlock!  


Folks have been posting and sharing images of Adam Warlock for a few weeks now.  Everyone gets really anxious and thinks that they will never get one and these won’t ever hit shelves.  That causes people to do crazy things like charge more than double for the figure on the aftermarket.  If the copious and bountiful 2017 waves to come before this Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 are any lesson, patience.  Stores may have gotten their early drip feed, even Amazon, but the flood gates aren’t open yet and the pattern seems to be, a few retailers, limited stock, a few more retailers, more stock, more, more, then right up on!  That said, I hate waiting, so I get the desire to get what you want even if it’s a little bit more.  I encourage you to be patient though.  Don’t feed the scalpers.  It doesn’t help Hasbro make more figures if you pay $60 for a figure someone already bought.  Let the scalper eat their greed, wait a little bit, and encourage Hasbro to make more incredible figures like Adam Warlock!

The Pictures



MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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