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Marvel Legends Executioner and Enchantress 2-Pack 3.75″

When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, and you keep your eyes open, you get to see things fall through the cracks.  It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes.  Like with the Astonishing X-Men team pack that was to be released so many years ago.  Thankfully, Hasbro made good on that by releasing each figure of the pack that was promised on a single card, Astonishing Cyclops, Emma Frost and Juggolossus.  Another of those packs that fell through though, the Asgardians team pack, has to this point only had one of the three new figures addressed.  It was to feature Thor (we’d already gotten him), Valkyrie (delivered as part of Marvel Infinite wave 3 in 2014), and the Executioner.  Now, think about that…the pack was announced, canceled, and the last figure we got from the pack was in 2014.  That was THREE years ago.  Today, Hasbro delivers though, 5 years after the figure was initially teased, we get Executioner, and he comes with a dramatic improvement on an old friend to the Marvel Universe line, Enchantress.  As far as I can tell, this Executioner is that same figure that was announced so many years ago…was he worth the wait?

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The Good

  • Normally I’d tease you by checking out Enchantress first, but we’ve waited long enough…so yeah, the Executioner was worth the wait.
  • Confirmed that the figure is built on an old favorite mold, Hercules!  Tons of articulation here.  I love him on this mold, I wonder what he’d look like on a Hulk / Abomination / Juggernaut type mold though.
  • Face / head design, heck, overall design does a great job of nailing the character of Executioner.  
  • Beefy battle axe looks great, fits well in the Executioner’s hands.  
  • Good attention to detail, back to the face, his little eye shadow curls are present, they look awesome.  

The Bad

  • This dude needs two M-16s hardcore.
  • Jerkin limits torso movement.
  • When viewed from the front, one side of his goatee is thicker than the other, QC issue, not design issue, but still noticeable.  



The Good

  • This Enchantress improves on the original way back when release in a ton of ways, but chiefly, face design and detail.  I remember being happy with the previous Enchantress.  When I took her out of the display case, I immediately noticed that instead of looking like a Norse sorceress, she far more closely resembled Wilma Flintstone after going 10 rounds with Mike Tyson in his prime. She even has the runny lipstick to prove it.  This Enchantress though, beautiful face sculpt, detailed, very feminine.
  • Another modern female figure from Hasbro with hair that is just absolutely insane.  There is so much detail in the hair sculpt…just…look at the pictures.
  • Tassled sash looks fantastic, another improvement on the original.
  • Tiara / helm is another improvement, it fits her face better, looks better overall.
  • Leg design / detail is carried down on to the feet and it improves the overall look of the figure.  

The Bad

  • From the outside of the package her eye balls looked good.  Closer inspection shows that they are just a little far apart…but she can see the whole battlefield!


The Rest

After 5 long years, the payoff paid off.  An excellent figure in the Executioner and a much needed upgrade on the Enchantress figure.  Without hesitation, fans of Marvel 3.75″, I recommend you get your hands on this set before it disappears at retail.  At $19.99, it is a steal and needs to be a part of your collection.  Thank you to Hasbro for finally putting out the Executioner, and thank you to all the fans who for years pelted, and had me pelt Hasbro with questions about when we’d eventually get the figures.  I feel like, and kinda hope, we at least had a little something to do with it, right?    


Amazon scalpers want you to pay more, but Amazon has it for retail at $19.99, go get it!

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