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Marvel Legends Doctor Strange and Astral Doctor Strange 2-Pack

In the grand scheme of things, why would you ever want one Doctor Strange when you can have two?  I’d suggest two would always be better.  So, why wouldn’t Hasbro offer a 2-pack featuring two Doctor Strange figures?  One Movie Regular, and One Astral.  It just makes sense, to me at least.  On store shelves now, you can find this awesome 2-pack, I like it.  Let me tell you why.  

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Doctor Strange

The Good

  • The face looks great, the sculpt is exceptionally well done in this scale.  You definitely see a little bit of Benedict here.
  • The sculpting and detail on the Doctor’s shirt, buckles and pants is beautiful and well executed.  Highly detailed and all textured.
  • Coloring is movie perfect, highly accurate.  
  • Cape, like it’s 6 inch cousin is very well detailed, sculpted lines and all.  It flows very nicely for a static piece of plastic.  
  • Painted on eye of Agamotto looks great.  I’ve reviewed a lot of Doctor Strange figures, and I’m very good at spelling Agamotto now.

The Bad

  • I’d love it if Hasbro shrunk down the magic effects from the 6 inch line and included it here.

Astral Doctor Strange

The Good

  • The astral plane visage of the good doctor is well captured here in plastic.
  • Sculpt detail is the same as the standard Strange from head sculpt to toes and he looks great because of it.  
  • I’m a fan of translucent figures, they just look so freaking cool, this one is even a little sparkly.  

The Bad

  • Photographing translucent figures is really freakin’ hard.

The Rest

The second in our series of movie packs from 2017, the Doctor Strange pack does the film character and actor justice twice over.  This should make for good diorama / action scenes for Doc Strange fans the world over.   Apart from the no magic effect accessories, the biggest downer about this pack is mainly the other fantastic characters in the movie that aren’t available as 3017 3.75 inch figures.  The same can be said of the Guardians and Spider-Man pack as well.  Look at me…wishing for more movie figures?  Not something I thought I’d ever do, but these are fantastic figures and they should have more friends.


Available now wherever you hunt toys, but the easy grab is for under $20 at Amazon, and you can click here to grab it.

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