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Marvel Legends Black Panther 2018 Wave: Okoye

It’s Build A Figure Time my friends!!  Okoye gets the treatment from Hasbro in this years first Marvel Legends Wave – Black Panther.  She’s assembled by collecting 5 of the 6 single carded Marvel Legends Black Panther figures, Black Panther, Killmonger, Nakia, Black Bolt, and Sub-Mariner.  There is no BAF piece included with Iron Man, but safe bet, you’ll want to grab him anyway.  That said, the investment for Okoye at full price will run you at least $100.  Is she worth the cost of entry?  …Yes…it’s hard not to make this whole review just say “I mean, come on, just look at the pictures!”.  She looks that good, it’s pretty crazy, read on friends.

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The Good

  • Danai Gurira is captured on this Marvel Legends figure unlike she has been in any other plastic, and there have been many chances thanks to her role in the Walking Dead.  Hasbro is dimple for dimple here though, beautiful!  I recommend Google image searching Okoye, have a look at the character portrayal,  the likeness is shocking.  
  • Such an insane amount of detail in her outfit here.  Line for line, it’s all there, in sculpt!  Raised lines, ribbing in her costume, it’s crazy to look close at the figure, then of the character from the movie and see exactly how much was captured.
  • Head tattoo art is line perfect.
  • Paint application is dead on.  So many bright colors here, again, check out online images against the figure, it is insane how accurately and finely detailed this figure is, and the colors just explode off of the figure.  

The Bad

  • The one and only knock.  In screen caps, there appears to be a panther insignia / belt buckle around the front waist area of Okoye. That is not represented on the figure.  

The Rest

To score Okoye, you have to snag 5 of 6 single carded figures. Iron Man does not come with any build a figure pieces for her.  It speaks to how fantastic this normal-figure-sized BAF is, that pictures are already surfacing online from frustrated Legends hunters showing the Black Panther wave on shelves with the BAF pieces extracted.  It also speaks to the fact that some people are giant jerks.  But focus on the positive, Okoye is exceptional.  What she lacks in big fig BAF size, she packs in in astonishing detail and design.  She’s a reason to pick up the whole wave for sure, and you’ll get Iron Man too, because you really should, he’s beautiful in his own right.  Stay tuned for group shots folks, let’s put the Black Panther wave in the books and get amped up for the next waves of the new year!




MUReview received these figures for free for review purposes from Hasbro

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