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Marvel Legends Black Panther 2018 Wave: Group Shots

Always one of my favorite parts of any figure wave, getting to put the gang together for some family photos.  This first wave of Marvel Legends 2018 is a statement wave to be certain.  Every figure is beautifully detailed, paint apps look great, solid accessories, and while some folks wanted a bigger build a figure, Okoye has proven to be a heck of a figure.  I can’t wait to see Black Panther in theaters this February, and even though I know much of what is coming next for Legends in 2018, I still can’t wait to get it in my hand to share it with you, because there is a lot of amazing coming our way!

You can pick up the whole Black Panther Wave on Amazon today!  And you can look at the photos right now!


MUReview received these figures for free for review purposes from Hasbro

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