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Marvel Legends Black Panther 2018 Wave: Black Bolt

Black Bolt, the King on the Moon!  Leader of the Inhumans gets his first single carded Marvel Legends release in a very long time. 2009 to be exact.  He was released in very similar fashion to this current version with the Thanos Imperative SDCC Exclusive set in 2014, and I loved that figure!  Does this new 2018 release live up to the 2014 figure of similar mold, does he surpass, or fall short?  That’s why we are here doing this folks.  Let’s check out comic figure number two from the 2018 Marvel Legends Black Panther line!

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The Good

  • He’s less black, more dark, dark blue, and it looks great.  
  • Silver lining really pops on this figure, fantastic shine.
  • His angry / speaking head with bolt lightning on the tuning fork looks…really angry, the lit effect eyes add to the overall angry.

The Bad

  • People who hear the name might get upset that his costume isn’t black.  Anyone that has read the comics will get it.  

The Rest

Black Bolt comes to us after a four year hiatus, a little bit more blue, and a little bit more angry.  He’s a great looking figure, and certainly something anyone who missed the 2014 SDCC set should pick up.  It’s time for Hasbro to let us complete the Inhumans in 6 inch scale!  Now we just need Gorgon, Triton, Maximus, Crystal, and Lockjaw.  Just a few.   As long as they are comic deco and not TV show version, we all win!



MUReview received these figures for free for review purposes from Hasbro

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