Marvel Legends: Agent Venom
Walgreens folks…Walgreens.  Who’da thunk that in this day and age of super stores and the Internet, Walgreens would be putting a feather like Agent Venom in it’s cap.  Low and behold they have one hell of an exclusive on their hands.  One some are calling the best 6 inch figure period.  Lofty, but it is a mighty fine figure indeed.

Agent Venom

The Good

  • Exceptional molding on all armor pieces.
  • Near endlessly poseable.
  • Tons of accessories, guns, symbiote arms to hold guns, can’t complain (but I do have a tiny complaint..)
  • Solid black with comic accurate, sharp white line detail.
  • High attention to detail, with the white pauldrons under black.
  • This figure feels as meaty as Agent Venom looks on the page.

The Bad

  • Hasbro, you gave me guns…when you give me guns, I have a singular expectation.  Holsters.
  • The one holstered gun is not removable.


The rest

Yer gonna need to go get this, and fast. It’s going up and down at for $14.99, strike while the iron is hot.


Go get it at Walgreens for $19.99 in store.  Otherwise, the link to buy online is up and down now for $14.99 which is an absolute steal!








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