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Marvel Legends 3.75 2017 Wave 5: Spider-Man 2099

Saved the best for last?  You bet your sweet bippy I did.  Yesterday’s AoA Magneto is hard to top, Hydra Cap harder still, but this Spider-Man 2099, who I will remind you was a strong favorite for me in 6″ is no less awesome than that figure.  

The Good | The Bad The Rest | Availability Photos

The Good

  • There is every bit as much paint detail here on the 3.75″ scale 2099 as there is on the 6″ scale, and he looks astounding because of it.
  • Paint is clean and sharp throughout.
  • Spider “eyes” are raised on the head, sculpted, not just painted on.
  • Molded on fore-arm…thingys come off the body, look outstanding.  In this case, they are even more exaggerated / longer than the 6″ version, look cooler because of it.
  • The black of his costume has a grey / blue tinge to it.  I don’t think it’s coming through in the photos well enough, but it’s present and it’s an incredible trick of a color.
  • Tons of extra fine line paint details in this figure all over the place!
  • Left hand Spidery-Claw – awesome sculpting!

The Bad

  • The only real knock on this figure is the overall absence of articulation, torso, wrist, thigh cut, calf cut.  This is one of the more agile Spider-Men, and he will be limited from most agile poses.

The Rest

Well, that was way too freakin’ fast.  The first 5 figure wave I’ve gotten to review in 3.75″ scale since December of 2016, and it’s all over.  5 fantastic figures culminating in my favorite / pick of the wave, Spider-Man 2099.  Remarkable character design by Marvel, amazing execution on the plastic version by Hasbro.  3.75″ collectors really shouldn’t have any hesitation in picking up any figure from this wave.  While there may be articulation complaints, every figure is really well designed and looks great on the shelf (and some look better for the lack of articulation).  And now, as they say on TV  Th-Th-The, Th-Th-The, Th-Th… That’s all, folks!



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