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Marvel Legends 3.75 2017 Wave 5: Jessica Jones / Jewel

Round 2 of Marvel Legends 3.75″ 2017 Wave 5 is Jewel / Jessica Jones.  This is Jessica in her comic hero outfit, before she got all emo.  If you ask me, this is her at her best!  Either way, Jessica Jones / Jewel is getting a lot of love these days.  She’s here in 3.75″ as Jewel, she’s 6 inches in her Netflix deco, and she’ll get another 6″ Legends release as part of the upcoming, exclusive Amazon Defenders (comic) team pack. She’s also got at least one beautiful statue out there as Jewel, and i think one coming in the Netflix deco too for the non-action figure collecting fans.  What i’m getting at here is, the Jessica Jones /  Jewel iron is hot, Hasbro is definitely striking.  Speaking of striking, have you seen this figure yet?  You should go look…

The Good | The Bad The Rest | Availability Photos

The Good

  • Hasbro nails the coloring here, the bright white against the rich blue, and the paint is just smooooooth!  It has this beautiful pearlessence going on and I feel like the images and lighting I have available can’t do it justice.
  • As with many of the female Marvel figures, I think maybe I have a fixation, it’s always the hair for me, and it’s perfectly colored and incredibly well shaped for Jewel.  The volume and the waves that split off of the main piece all look great.
  • Eyes and face makeup look fantastic here, they have made a pretty 3.75″ female character in Jessica Jones.
  • Purple belt clasp looks nearly comic perfect.  The coloring is right, the shape is right, I wish it came down a little longer in the bottom point though.
  • Very solid leg articulation including ankle rockers.
  • She’s not wearing heels!  So she’s a well balanced, easily stood figure.

The Bad

  • Folks who want ab-crunch / torso articulation will feel its absence here.  

The Rest

Hasbro got Jessica Jones just right in this scale.  Head to toe this is the Jewel we have seen on the pages of Marvel comics, and you can’t ask for a lot more out of a figure.  The folks at Hasbro really knocked it out of the park here.The question now needs to become….do we get emo Jessica in this scale too?  She’s really not a far cry from Mary Jane in physical features and there is definitely re-use purpose for a plain clothes Marvel female.  Let’s see what happens, but I’m kinda hoping this becomes a thing!






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