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Marvel Legends 3.75 2017 Wave 5: Hydra Captain America

What a jerk is that Hydra Captain America!  Comes in, makes a mess of the Marvel Universe, Hails Hydra.  Who does that?  Besides Gary Shandling (rest in peace).  First announced with the rest of this wave at SDCC 2016, the Marvel 3.75″ collecting community has been excited to get hands on this figure, and with good reason.  Hasbro nailed it in this scale again, and I think even managed to make 6″ figure collectors jealous!

The Good | The Bad The Rest | Availability Photos

The Good

  • The uniform is dead on from the early issues of Steve Rogers Captain America #1.  
  • Cap includes a first of it’s kind (I think), comic accurate shield that splits in half.  
  • Hydra Cap features a good amount of articulation, including some torso articulation action.  He’s got double jointed knees and elbows, ankle rockers, all you need to get him into his evil Cap poses.
  • Very clean paint creates the perfect Hydra Cap look.  Right down to brown stripes of leather on his gloves.
  • Nice texturing on Caps chest for his armor.  The sculpt / mold really shows off a lot of neat tricks, he goes from smooth to stubbly in a lot of places, this is an impressive figure, and the paint does a great job of keeping up with the sculpting.
  • Utility belt is page perfect.

The Bad

  • The worst part about this figure is that he isn’t all of the other Hydra Caps that came out after this one.  This is an awesome figure, but Marvel really went to town on the redesigns with the character, right up through Secret Wars 10.  I love this figure, but now I want all of those too!  See more in “The Rest”.  Box set?? BOX SET!!

The Rest

Hydra Captain America was quite the kerfuffle for Marvel over the past year and a half, culminating in what we have now in Secret Empire 10, where (spoiler alert), the “real Cap” makes a triumphant return.  The timing of this figure is actually pretty good.  It honors the memory of that evil fallen Cap.  The comics have since introduced a few other pretty cool  iterations for Hydra Cap since this one though, iterations that I’d also like to see in 3.75″ plastic.  Start with this one in green and graduate up to that fancy Civil Warrior inspired Hydra Cap at the end….and then, could I have a good guy Civil Warrior Cap?  What about black and red suit Hydra Cap with full Hydra logo?!  It’s crazy to be 8 years, 9 years into a toy line and still have figures you want to get made.  Crazier still, Hasbro keeps making those figures.  Hydra Steve is another feather in the cap of Legends 3.75″ Wave 5, awesome figure, awesome shield.




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