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Marvel Legends 3.75 2017 Wave 5: Group Shots

Marvel Legends 3.75″ fans, breathe a sigh of relief, it’s September, we have more 3.75″ figures, some FANTASTIC 3.75″ figures, and hopefully we have more news just around the corner at HASCON and New York Comic-Con 2017.  Actually…this will post on 9/13, so HASCON will be over by then, so I’ll probably have posted that news.  Maybe I’ll update this post, but just in case I don’t…  (update, no 3.75″ announcement from HASCON).  For now, and until next time, let’s take a quick look at Jessica Jones / Jewel, Gold Ultron, AoA Magneto, Hydra Cap and Spidey 2099 playing together and enjoy!  Hasbro, thank you for giving the 3.75″ collecting community another outstanding wave of figures, we can’t wait for the next one!  And just a reminder, we shouldn’t be done with 3.75″ Marvel plastic just yet in 2017.  Rainbow Deadpools, and the Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Iron Man and Mega Man 2-pack are still coming!




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