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Marvel Legends 3.75 2017 Wave 5: Age of Apocalypse Magneto

I’m going to save you a little reading here.  Is this the coolest Magneto to be made in the 3.75″ line?  Yes.  Hands down, by miles.  Yes.  He’s not the traditional version of Magneto though.  This is Age of Apocalypse Magneto, as evidenced by the super evil looking helmet and the white pig tails.  I love classic Magneto, so I’ll say it right here too, we need a non-AoA head swap variant of this, and then the cycle will be complete. Not sure what cycle, but it will be complete…laundry cycle? I hear my washing machine beeping, that’s it.  The cycle is already complete.

The Good | The Bad The Rest | Availability Photos

The Good

  • The helmet / head sculpt is stunning.  There are a few variations depending on what comic page you look at, but this one looks perfect for me.  
  • White pony tails are comic accurate, two on the side, one in the back.
  • Good bulked up body size for Magneto here.
  • The way his cape swirls around his body is reminiscent of some of AoA Mags’ more iconic poses.  Figure cape technology has come leaps and bounds since the Magneto of Marvel Universe old.
  • New information photos will be added, this is an easy head swap with the older Marvel Universe Magneto, the pig tails come out from under the helmet, you can change up the cape and have a sick Magneto classic style!  Some guy who made the new Magneto told me that….good dude that one.

The Bad

  • Folks will wish for ab articulation / torso articulation.  

The Rest

The figure is beautiful.  That helmet is a work of art.  I want more though, because I want an original Magneto that looks this good.  I’m happy to get this, thrilled in fact, Hasbro gives us another winning figure that is going to look fantastic on your shelves.  He’s so lonely though.  I don’t have any other AoA figures…The 2011 2-pack release black suited Wolverine could kinda pass for Patch if you chopped off a hand, war paint him up a little?  Hmm…or, maybe Hasbro can just make us more AoA figures?!?!  Way better idea.




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