2016 is on the horizon.  With it, a brand new year of sweet, sweet Hasbro Marvel plastic!  Turning up over the weekend on one of the usual suspects for Far East early fell off a truck sales, TaoBao, we get nice clear images of the first 2016 wave of Marvel Legends 3.75 figures.  This story, and these images are brought to us by way of Mr. Along from some awesome Facebook groups including MakeMineMarvel The wave includes the knowns:

  • Ulik
  • Triton
  • Yondu
  • Captain Marvel (no cowl – Danvers)
  • Noir Spider-Man
  • Iron Man

Two surprises though are re-packs of much older figures.

  • Black Panther (appears to be from the Avengers light-up base TRU exclusive set, but with no blue tinting 2012)
  • House of M Spider-Man (wave 6 of Marvel Universe 2009)

I would suggest that this is a smart move by Hasbro as we’ve got both Spidey and the Black Panther coming up in a 2016 film (Captain America Civil War).  Case ratios are still uncertain, but this is will likely be a change from previous 12 to a case, 2 of each figure format established with the Marvel Infinite line.

At any rate, and as usual, 2016 can’t come fast enough because I can’t wait to get my paws on these sweet sweet figures, Yondu here I come!  You can check out the listings for the figures here.

You can look at the nice pictures down below!

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