Thanks once again to the Magnificent Dane from the Make Mine Marvel Facebook group, MUReview is proud to bring you in hand images and commentary on Marvel Legends 2-Pack 2016 Wave 1!  1000 thank yous to Dane for the image hook up, we can’t wait to get our own hands on these awesome pieces of plastic!

Vance Astro

Vance is painted perfectly and features his single most important detail, the Guardians of the Galaxy Star badge on his left chest. The body looks good and sturdy as befitting the man who would wield the shield in the future.   While the shield is not pictured here, it is included.

vance astro back vance astro







Captain America (Falcon)

Folks have been clamoring for a solid Falcon Cap for a while now.  The look of the figure fills the void very well.  Again, not pictured, Cap includes the shield but does not include wings or a place to mount said wings.  This could be a deal breaker for some looking for page perfect characterization.  I would suggest however, in comics, he’s pictured without wings as often as with.  I would further suggest that getting wings to stay on a figure is sometimes a dog fight (pun intended), so that I don’t have to worry about them, I’m not mad at that.

cap falc frontcap falc back








Superior Iron Man

From what I can see it appears that this bad boy is based off of the previously released Extermis Iron Man mold from the days of Marvel Universe.  It’s an awesome mold with great articulation and a lot of opportunity for fine detail.  Fine detail that the team at Hasbro looks to have taken advantage of.  Lots of highlighting and sharp blue lines help define this as a very nice Iron Man figure.  Folks may refer to this as a repaint, and in a literal sense sure, but with Iron Man, you have to get every variance, because it’s a different armor.  That’s the law, I don’t make the law…but if you force me I will up….what was I talking about?

superior iron man front superior iron man back








Machine Man

Machine Man has been getting some Hasbro love recently.  He’s a 6 inch Legend, and now a 3.75.  I love the look of this figure, mean, cool non-hands, solid paint.  The only knock against it is his lack of accessorization…that’s not a word.  But the 6 inch came with the kitchen sink, and here we don’t get anything that’s interchangeable.  It’s an awesome figure on it’s own, spare parts would have made it better.

machine man front machine man back








Thor (Female)

This figure pisses me off.  Here we have a wave with the founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the original Marvel Cosmic Bad Boys, and I’m not looking at that figure as the most awesome of the wave.  Granted, I don’t have these in my own hands yet, I haven’t been able to touch or feel them, but this Thor could be the best ever brought to the 3.75 inch scale.  The level of detail, the molding, this really is a beautiful figure.

lady thory front lady thor back









True story, not really a big fan of Thor.  Tell you what though, this is another fine figure.  The animal pelt over his shoulder, the way the team at Hasbro captured that massively arrogant smirk.  This is some fine figure makin’.

odinson thor front odinson thor back








The Comics

What’s a 2-pack without a comic book? For real?  3 2-packs, 3 comic books.  Look hard at the covers folks.  Hasbro has gone a very long way to let you and I, as fans, recreate those covers.  I can take amazing comic book art, and use figures to make it real…I wish there was some sort of name or organization for that.  Maybe someday I guess.








The Group

I hope I’m not shooting my own eventual review in the foot here, but I love this wave.  3 characters that have never before graced the scale, 3 characters in brand new outfits / roles.  Even the repaint of the wave counts for me as a must have new figure.  What’s the downside?  I’m freaking broken and I can’t figure out a way to get these 3 2-packs for less than $100 without waiting till they show up at retail…and even then that number is gonna be tight.  Hey, the Philippines, got any spare to send my way?  Oh right, it should be noted, again, these images came from our homie Dane.  He’s always kept us in the know of new figures and he’s got boots on the ground and roots in the Philippines.  For those not doing the math, these figures were released in the Philippines.  Time to State side?  1-2 months for comic shops and online specialty retailers (  3-4 to your brick and mortars?  Although, who knows, 2016 wave 1 is already showing up in Walmarts around the country.  Here’s to hoping.

12669517_10153218564867827_2798558094330924206_n 12669451_10153219244107827_7186599946374882983_n group 1

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