Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1: Spider-UK
Day three of Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1 figure reviews is here.  Today we look at Spider-Man 2099’s box brother, Spider-UK! The Spider-Verse gave Marvel so many great Spider possibles to play with and this is one of my favorite.  The concept of melding Captain Britain with Spider-Man just works well for my brain.  Captain Britain is on a short list of all time favorite characters for me, not far off from Nova to be honest, so pretty high up on that list.  Let’s have a look at this nifty Spidey with limited outfit webbing guvna’.

The Good

  • The size is right!  While Spider-UK isn’t as big as last year’s Captain Britain, it made sense, he’s a Spider, he needs to be a little lithe and less bulky.
  • Another Spider uniform perfectly captured here. Very clean lines of paint, the base coat is solid, the web lines look great.  
  • Highly pose-able, the only articulation that he’s missing from the acclaimed Pizza Spidey is the hinged shoulder joints for better forward arm motion.  
  • The sorta Union Jack chest emblem came out great.  
  • Nice about this figure vs many other Spider-figures.  Because the base color is so prevelent in the costume, the joints can be painted the same color without drawing attention to themselves for not matching design / highlight paint.  
  • As with the 3.75 inch Spider-UK, the back spider is an all time fave.

The Bad

  • Cap Spidey UK would benefit from an alt head, the alt head of Mr. Braddock.  
  • My particular Spider-UK came out of the box with a little nick in the paint on his chest.  c’est la vie.

The rest

Another fantastic figure from Marvel Legends to start off 2017.  Spider-UK is pretty deep catalog as Spiders go, but I’m very glad to have him on my shelf.  It’s really become fun to continue to grow my Spider-Verse collection by way of Marvel Legends.  I would suggest though that ML is running out of stones to turn here.  That’s a good thing, they really have a deep and rich catalog to fit the needs of any Spider-Fan.  Bask in it folks!  And go buy this figure!


The Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-UK figure is available now from our friends at Big Bad Toy Store!  Good thing you can, at Big Bad Toy Store today!  This jolly ole’ chap can be had at Amazon too if yer into that.  

The Pictures

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