Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1: Shocker
Shocker, our final “regular” figure review of 2017 Legends Wave 1 (still more to come of course)!  Another rogue from Spider-Man’s seemingly endless gallery. Shocker is baddie most of us know and love, not an incredibly deep dive into the catalog, but one none-the-less that is absolutely necessary and this fills a massive gap in 6 inch Marvel plastic.  This is Shocker’s first official entry in the Marvel Legends toy line (not counting his 2005 Spider-Man line release).  I feel like the fine folks at Hasbro approached this figure with that understanding and went the extra mile to make the wait worth it.  The wait was worth it.

The Good

  • The paint application here is perfect.  There is a lot of fine line work, especially with the mesh on yellow and it all looks razor sharp.  
  • This is really a great take on one of the more memorably clad Marvel villains.  While it’s not his first appearance costume that so many hold dear, it is a familiar take if more modern.  
  • Shocker’s gauntlets look fantastic.
  • The “plasma” energy accessories work well for the character and fit well on his hands.
  • Shocker’s facial expression tells the whole story of the character from start to finish and all’s it takes is that wink.  

The Bad

  • I would have liked to have seen Shocker with his belt, painted or molded on, i don’t care.  
  • The knee pads stand out a little bit too much for what they are for me.  I’d of traded them for the above belt and some boot cuffs if it were up to me.  

The rest

Hasbro has given us another iconic and recognizable Spider-Man villain with Shocker.  A figure that was really way over due. As previously stated, he made an appearance out of a Legends compatible Spider-Man line from Toy Biz in 2005.  This figure compared to that figure though, we are talking diamonds and rust really.  This is a pretty figure, a great representation of a must have character, and ultimately, it’s figures like this that keep me collecting.  Take a classic, make him shiny and new, and I’ll find space for him on my shelves I promise!  Also, want to give a nod to Marvel Legends 3.75.  They will see their own first official “in-line” Shocker this year too!  I”m sure he’s going to be at least this awesome!


Shocker is available from our friends at BigBadToyStore, but only as part of the whole set or full case. For a little more than retail, you can pick Shocker up at Amazon.  You might also want to just hang back, because these figures should be showing up at standard retail stores very very soon.  There is another option too.  Head on over to our friends at Kastor’s Korner.  They will be giving away the full wave…”soon”.  And remember…fortune favors the bold.  Patience favors the broke.  

The Pictures

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