Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1: Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan
Oh those pesky Inhumans are popping up everywhere now.  ABC, Vs. X-Men, the Champions…and that’s where we land.  Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan!  She’s figure number four in the Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1 Spider-Man series and she’s really a very nice figure of a character that I’m not personally a big fan of.  Beloved by me or not, the Marvel Legends team at Hasbro really pressed all the right buttons here and got everything right with this figure.  In fact, my only real complaint as you will read has to do with physics and gravity, and no one has really solved for that yet.  

The Good

  • Absolutely perfect body type for this young female character.  
  • Very well designed extending arms.  The fact that there are additional hinges is really pretty awesome.  
  • Perfect character likeness here.  There really isn’t any variance between figure and comic page.
  • Attention to detail, she’s got the arm bangle on her normal and extended arm!
  • The hair on recent female Marvel Legends figures has really been outstanding sculpt wise and that continues with Kamala Khan.  They keep getting it right and it continues to be truly impressive.  
  • Further on with recent female hits, Hasbro does a fantastic job of capturing the characters face down to the sly smirk.  

The Bad

  • Using her extended appendages presents some balance problems.  Nothing a figure stand can’t fix.

The rest

All things being equal, this modern Ms. Marvel isn’t one of my favorite characters.  I’ve always preferred Mar-Vell as Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel.  I’m old, I use that as my allowance for this clearly backwards thinking.  It’s a testament to the amazing work done by the good folks at Hasbro that, as a figure, I like her.  The plot gets a little thicker for me here though, and I would have had to pick her up in the long run anyway.  I’m nuts for Nova.  I’m less nuts for Kid Nova, but they get me on a technicality.  Guess what?  Kid Nova is coming to Marvel Legends in 2017…and soon!  With the Guardians of the Galaxy wave!  That means I’m a few steps closer to building the Champions!  Then…the trouble becomes Totally Awesome Hulk… These are first world problems people, I can’t make this stuff up.


The lovely Ms. Marvel can be purchased at Amazon for a smidge above MSRP.  She’s currently sold out at Big Bad Toy Store, but you CAN go there and grab the whole wave.  You might also want to just hang back, because these figures should be showing up at standard retail stores very very soon.  There is another option too.  Head on over to our friends at Kastor’s Korner.  They will be giving away the full wave…”soon”.

The Pictures

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