Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1: Jackal
Hasbro in 2017 is making some of the most fantastic action figures they have ever made.  It’s almost like cheating though.  Like watching an iPhone event “this is the best iPhone we’ve ever made”.  I guess you’d hope that right?  Why even make an iPhone that isn’t as good as the last one?  Still though, Hasbro keeps doing it, every figure that rolls out of design is better than the last, and the most recent culmination is the Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1 Spider-Man / Sandman BAF wave.  So far we are a few figures deep.  We’ve seen fantastic Spiders, creepy Goblins, even an Inhuman, and a Limey Spider-Man.  Today, we are going to look at an iconic and well traveled Spidey villain from the wave, Jackal.  Marvel’s Jackal if yer nasty.  

The Good

  • This is an action figure with a scary face.  Twice in this wave, and not the last, which is bananas.
  • Amazing tone and definition throughout Jackal’s body highlights his small frame with muscle and tendons you can actually see.
  • Defined chest furrish substance.
  • Perfect frame for the character.
  • Really nice articulation here allows for some very sinister poses.

The Bad

  • The only bad here is that it’s the figure by itself.  We have another opportunity for an alt head that could have been used with not only Jackal but other figures.  

The rest

If you are keeping up with your Spider-Villains, you’ll need to pick up Jackal.  If you like great figures, you’ll need to pick up Jackal.  Those are two solid reasons to just pick up Jackal.  If you don’t fit those two demographics, give him a look on the shelf anyway.  You are probably going to like what you see!


Jackal is available at Amazon for just a little more than retail.  Black Suit Spidey is available now on Amazon, again for a little more than retail.  He’s sold out at BBTS for individual purchase, but you can pick up the whole wave there.  You might also want to just hang back, because these figures should be showing up at standard retail stores very very soon.  There is another option too.  Head on over to our friends at Kastor’s Korner.  They will be giving away the full wave…”soon”.  And remember…fortune favors the bold.  Patience favors the broke.  

The Pictures

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