Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1: Green Goblin
Roses are rad, Goblins are Green, Marvel Legends is going to kick the a$$ of 2017.  Wooo! I didn’t think that was gonna work out, but it just kinda did right?  It’s officially 2017 and it’s time to get to the business of reviewing amazing, astonishing, dare I say, marvelous action figures.  Thanks to the incredibly generous Hasbro, MUReview now has our mostly clean paws on the full set of Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave 1 2017 figures.  I spent all of last night photographing and unboxing them because I’m incredibly excited to share them all with you.  Now, this is as I am given to understand the first official Legends wave of 2017, but these figures were ending up on shelves and in collections in 2016.  To all of you that already scored these figures, you know they were worth the price you paid, and it was probably a little more than retail in some cases.  For everyone else, let’s dive into this wave, one figure per day for 8 days.  Then we will have a family day at the end.  This wave includes Green Goblin, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-UK, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Jackal, Shocker, and really just an impressively creepy Sandman as the build a figure for the wave.   Are you ready to have a look?  Here it go!

The Good

  • Hands down, bar none, we get the creepiest and most unsettling looking Green Goblin in the Marvel Legends line.  The yellow teeth, the dead deep yellow eyes.  The cracked smile.  I would submit that there is no Goblin out there more Gobliny than this Green one right here.
  • Scale, he feels like he’s the right size.  A little short for a Storm Trooper, but just right to glide around and throw explosive pumpkins at people.  
  • Removable satchel (it’s not a purse!) goes on and comes off easily.
  • This is classic GG here.  He’s got a fresh from the comics feel with a great color palate.
  • The scaling on his arms and legs looks fantastic.  
  • Curved toes on his boots is just right.  
  • Much like the Hobgoblin of recent Legends waves, this Goblin fits very well on his glider and balance is good. 
  • Pumpkin bomb fits well in his hand.

The Bad

  • My the bads are as usual all born of greed. I just want more.  I’d like more pumpkin bombs.
  • I’d like to be able to put the pumpkin bombs in his pumpkin purse (there I said it).  The scale feels like I should be able to do that.
  • Three heads are better than two.  GG comes with two Sandman heads and we will talk about those when we talk about Sandman, but an unmasked Goblin head would have been nice to have too.  

The rest

I had a lot of fun posing this devious little Goblin man.  He’s a really cool figure, looks great, and really does a fantastic job of representing the character that I grew up with.  This is a must have figure for any Spider-Man fan.  For me, this is the de-facto, go to, definitive Goblin in my collection here on out.


As mentioned, aggressive hunters of toys scored this wave in late 2016.  Official retail is really just hitting shelves now and over the next month or two.  Online toy stores and comic shops may still have some stock but your mileage may vary.  I’d like to link you to our friends at Big Bad Toy Store, so I will.   You can’t get just Green Goblin, but you can buy the wave.  If you’d rather just pick up Green Goblin, Amazon has him for a little above MSRP.  Remember, always visit your local comic shops and keep in mind that while fortune favors the bold, patience favors the broke.  These should be hitting your local normal folk stores in the near future.  

The Pictures

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