Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1: Black Suit Spider-Man
Marvel Legends fans rejoice.  Your Black Suit / Symbiot Spider-Man is here.  Not since the 2008 Red Hulk wave of Marvel Legends has Black Suit Spidey gotten the treatment.  Since then so many Spider-Men have rolled off of Hasbro’s production lines.  The wait has been worth it.  From what I can tell this bad boy is of the same mold / buck as Pizza Spidey.  A favorite in the collector community due to incredible design and even better, one could say, top notch articulation in the Marvel Legends scale / line.  I almost want to tell you not to bother reading, just go buy this Spider-Man, but I will give you some quick hits as to why he’s worth your dollars.

The Good

  • He’s the first Black Suit Spidey in almost 10 years from Marvel Legends.
  • He looks amazing, just an outstanding page to plastic replication of a character.
  • Articulation for miles and miles.  He’s got thigh cuts, hinged chest joints, double everything.  There really isn’t a pose you can’t get him into.
  • The deep black contrasts perfectly against the sharp white and the paint application is very clean.  
  • Black suit Spidey comes with fisty hands and open web slinging hands.

The Bad

  • This is a brilliant figure.  It’s only too bad that he didn’t come with the scope and bredth of accessories afforded to Pizza Spidey.  This is the Black Suit equivelent of him, so the same treatment would have been appreciated.  
  • One piece of articulation isn’t on the list, calf spin.  

The rest

The universe of collectors out there has been waiting a long time for an update on this absolute classic, must have Spider-Man.  The black suit is iconic for so many reasons, and this treatment of it is exceptional.  If you have been waiting for this, your wait is over, there is no reason to hesitate in picking this up, it’s a fantastic figure, well made, amazing articulation, perfect size, scale, feels right.  He’s great.  This is your black suit Spidey.  Go, go now, get him!


Black Suit Spidey is available now on Amazon, again for a little more than retail.  He’s sold out at BBTS for individual purchase, but you can pick up the whole wave there.  You might also want to just hang back, because these figures should be showing up at standard retail stores very very soon.  There is another option too.  Head on over to our friends at Kastor’s Korner.  They will be giving away the full wave…”soon”.  And remember…fortune favors the bold.  Patience favors the broke.  These will turn up at retail soon.  And I don’t ever want to stop saying that fortune thing.  I did yesterday, it felt wrong.  Never again.

The Pictures

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