Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1: BAF Sandman
We are winding down our tour through Marvel Legends 2017 Wave One.  We’ve hit on seven amazing single carded figures, and today we get a look at the big bad Build-A-Figure.  Sandman gets his first official Marvel Legends figure (the former being 2007 releases from a Spider-Man branded Legends line, a BAF and regular Sandman)**  I 100% spaced here.  This is not Sandmans first official Legends release.  That came as part of the Raft SDCC Exclusive in 2016.  The set was amazing, the Sandman was amazing.  You can read the full review here.  We loved him, but as far as general release, this SM still counts as numero 1.  As with all previous figures in this wave, the current really buries the former in the dust.  Fans of Spider-Man, fans of Sandman, and fans of fine figure making will find a ton to love here.  Let’s check out how Hasbro did with Sandman.

The Good

  • Sandman is in perfect scale with this wave.
  • Massive accessories feel solid, sturdy, and I was able to balance Sandman reasonably well with them attached.
  • Sandman comes with two heads.  One is human, the other is outright disturbing, showing sand-battle damage.  Check out the gallery, that Hasbro was able to capture such a haunting visage for a character that I don’t really find all that creepy is exceptional.
  • The person to sand transformation that is captured in this figure is very well done.
  • A lot of attention to detail here with regards to veins in the sculpt.
  • Solid paint application, not dazzling art on Sandman, he’s a simple character, but he’s well taken care of from paint and design perspectives.
  • If you have been waiting for a de-facto Sandman for your Legends collection, this is it, undisputed without question.

The Bad

  • I know I know…always greedy I am.  We got a ton for this figure, but a pair of human / non-sand arms, I feel like would have made sense here as well.

The rest

Sandman is a fantastic build a figure that adds value to an already very solid wave of figures.  Figures, all of which, any Marvel Legends fan should be happy to own and want to go buy.  .The options that come with this BAF set it apart from many that came before, normally a BAF is a BAF and what you see is what you get, but that you can change up Sandman in a few ways enhances the value further.  Happy hunting, this brilliant wave should be hitting big box retail soon!


If you want Sandman, you have to go buy 7 figures.  The whole wave.  You can do that at Big Bad Toy Store conveniently enough!

The Pictures

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