Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1: All New All Different Spider-Man 2099
Day two of Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1 brings us something I wanted to save for last. Spider-Man 2099, but I decided to follow the figure order on the back of the package for my review release schedule.  Making my favorite figure of the wave, something I generally save for last, second.  That doesn’t matter to you, but still, this is my favorite figure of the wave.  More, this is the coolest Spider-Man outfit I have ever seen.  Therefore, this the coolest Spider-Man figure I own.  I guess we can put categories up and say this is my favorite 2099 figure, but he transcends folks, he transcends.  What I’m getting at here is that this Spider-Man 2099 figure is brilliant.  I would surmise though, this SM 2099 falls into rare figure territory.  The artists and designers at Hasbro are really talented, but this is the kind of figure where they don’t have much to do to make it awesome, just…take plastic and make it look like page.  I’m not suggesting they were asleep at the wheel when they made this figure, I’m stating boldly that even if they were, it wouldn’t have mattered because the character is so super heroey awesome that they would have had to try hard to mess this up.  They didn’t mess this up.

The Good

  • The head sculpt is so smooth here it almost looks like it’d be soft to the touch, silky.
  • There isn’t a line out of place here, the design is page perfect as usual.
  • The detail is all in the paint here and there is just a staggering amount.  The line work under his arms, the blue notes on the feet and shoulders.  All of the armor detail is just 2099ing…that doesn’t really sound the same as Amazing.
  • Sculpted on forearm guard pieces are on solid, feel durable, look perfect.
  • Articulation for days here, thigh cut calf cut, double hinges everywhere.  He can do anything a spider can.  The only missing uber articulation piece here is the extran shoulder hinges at the chest.  I don’t miss them, they would have ruined the paint job.  
  • The level of detail in the paint again, man, the coloring on his hands and fingers.  Hasbro absolutely nailed it!

The Bad

  • Just a few inconsistencies in the paint application, quality control problem, not design.
  • Maybe some accessories would have been cool.

The rest

This is just a fine, sleek, sexy figure.  Every little piece of detail adds up to a total package of a must own figure.  Looking at it, while astonishing, he’s so simple but so freaking cool and if you see him on a shelf, just buy him.  He needs a good home.  Also…check out those guns!


Look for Spider-Man 2099 and all of his friends at general retail in the coming month or so. Online toy stores and comic shops may still have some stock but your mileage may vary.  Big Bad Toy Store is sold out of the individual Spider-Man 2099, but you can grab the full set there.  If think you only want Spider-Man 2099, you can get him at Amazon for a little more than MSRP.  Remember, always visit your local comic shops and keep in mind that while fortune favors the bold, patience favors the broke.  

The Pictures

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