Marvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 1: Vance Astro / Major Vance Astro / Major Victory
Sorry folks, can’t help it.  I’m gonna do it again.  I’m going to start off a series of reviews with my absolute favorite figure of the wave, I can’t help myself.  Maybe I should rewind a little though.  We are gathered here today to serve a glorious purpose.  To show the world the arrival of the latest wave of Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy figures from our awesome friends at Hasbro.  The wave, first announced, at SDCC 2016 (some of it at least), really kinda snuck up on me.  While folks are still starting to see Wave 1 of 2017 (Spider-Man) trickle into retail, this past week or two has been an explosion of reports of these Guardians of the Galaxy figures hitting shelves.  Then, today, ding dong, package on my doorstep full of Guardians from Hasbro to share with you.  I can’t thank Hasbro enough for the opportunity, so maybe I should stop babbling and start talking about this beautiful wave of figures.  Before I dive into this first figure, Vance Astro, know that over the next few days you will be treated to the whole wave, one figure at a time.  Vance Astro, Darkhawk, Kid Nova, Angela, Yondu, Star-Lord, Drax, and the Build-A-Figure, the Nova hunting Titus, not necessarily in that order.  Let’s check out Vance Astro!!

The Good

  • Vance Astro has long been one of my favorite members of the Guardians of the Galaxy of any iteration.  I was pretty happy when Marvel brought him forward to play with the current Guardians, if anything to remind everyone that it’d be really cool to have a 6 inch Legends scale figure of him.    
  • Vance Astro is captured perfectly in plastic here, hold up a comic page, you’ll see a pretty exact match.  
  • Vance includes his Captain America shield.  The colors have a more modern tint, the wrist clip fits perfectly, and the back peg allows for easy mounting.
  • Vance Astro comes on a solid frame that feels great for the character with lots of articulation, good head movement, double jointed knees and elbows, thigh cuts, calf cuts, rocking ankles, spinning waist, for a character like this, you should want for nothing in this area.
  • Customizers ears and eyes should perk up at this figure. He’s an exceptional, clean base body with potential to become a massive amount of characters.
  • Hasbro could have gone quite a few different ways with paint and deco for Vance Astro, I’m glad they chose this one, not only the paint scheme, but the original Guardians chest logo, to me, feels like kind of a promise…to make more original Guardians?

The Bad

  • Some weird speckled areas of paint on the ab crunch area and a slightly shaky white / blue area line on the back are the only knocks against an otherwise fantastic paint job.
  • He didn’t come in a team 8-pack with original Yondu, Starhawk , Aleta, Charlie-27, Martinex, Nikki, Firelord (there are more…but I’d settle for 8)

The rest

I apologize for being long winded, that’s how the first in any series of reviews for me tend to go, and well, that’s what this is.  The first figure of Marvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 1 (overall wave 2 of 2017), and my favorite of the wave.  I have to apologize again, Vance Astro is a beautiful figure, nearly flawless, at least for what I want out of a figure, but there are a bunch of other exceptional, top tier figures in this wave.   The apology comes in in that, Vance gets the nod from me because he’s an all time favorite character.  I’m really partial here.  Know that competition in this wave is fierce though, Darkhawk is another character very near and dear to my heart, and spoiler alert, Hasbro absolutely killed it with that figure too.  Angela is a shockingly good figure, Kid Nova is spot on, and the movie Guardians all look exceptional.  Stay tuned everyone, it’s going to be a great week here at MUReview!


I first saw reports of the Guardians of the Galaxy wave popping up at Walgreens this past week or so.  That married with reports of the Toys R Us Exclusive Groot package showing up on shelves…it’s a great time to be a hunter of Marvel Legends!  For me though,  I like my wins better when they come easy, I’m not lazy… I ‘d just rather spend time with my kids, …and reviewing toys than driving around.  So I love knowing I can hit up our good friends at Big Bad Toy Store and pre-order a set of these.  Folks are already getting shipping soon emails!

The Pictures

 MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.
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