Every time I go through reviews for a full wave of Marvel Legends figures, I feel like it is an accomplishment.  I have a process, and I’ll share it with you now.  

  • A box of figures shows up.
  • I freak out because a box of figures shows up. (happy freak out).
  • I clear my schedule for the next 3 hours.
  • I take pictures of every figure in the wave:
    • Together in package
    • Individually in package
    • Individually out of package
    • Comparison shots / team shots
    • Group shots
  • Sit back for 5 minutes and admire all of the figures.
  • Bring the figures downstairs to where my collection is and find them all homes.
  • Draft framework posts for each figure.
  • Edit all of the photos (crop, rotate, fix contrast and lighting issues).
  • Organize all photos into per figure folders.
  • Upload all photos to each post.
  • Spend the next 4-5 days writing up each figure, and the next however many figures / days posting.

No one cares about anything I just said, I figured I’d share though, because here we are at the end of yet another wave.  A fantastic wave featuring some of my favorite Marvel heroes.  I enjoy all of the characters that Hasbro gave us here, I’m really happy I got to share them with you, and this is it, the end of the wave post, where  I have a little fun showing you some cool posed group shots.  I hope you had as much fun with this as I did!  Stay tuned for more great Hasbro Marvel Legends news, because Toy Fair 2017 is upon us!


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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