Marvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 1: Drax
Welcome to post number two of Valentines Day!  I usually like to give each post it’s own day, but we want to get this whole wave out to you before Toy Fair this weekend, so buckle up for two-a-days until Friday my friends!  Next up in the Guardians hopper, the Hyper-Literal-One, Drax!  This Drax is the second time we’ve gotten the same character.  He’s largely the same as his first release with some notably significant upgrades.  Now, I hope by this time, you’ve all seen the Super Bowl Guardians 2 Trailer and watched till the end.  Drax steals the show once again.  Ya know what, let’s take a second to do two things.  Watch that trailer, laugh (moment mentioned is at about :47 seconds), and check out Drax.  Look at him closely, because I think it will make you appreciate this figure even more!


The Good

  • As said, this figure is largely the same as the Marvel Legends 2014 Drax figure from the Groot Build-A-Figure wave.  It was a solid figure, but this one is better in some important ways.
  • The face is more detailed, I think a much better likeness of Bautista / Drax.
  • His markings / tattoos are still a staggering display of detail, all are raised on his skin / part of the body mold and well colored.  Further, how legible / readable the body art is continues to impress me.  I know people with real life tattoos that don’t look anywhere near as good as this.
  • Speaking of color.  The new skin tone here is a definitive improvement over the original, just lightening things up a bit makes the character much more life-like, a complaint I didn’t really know I had with the first figure till I got this one.
  • As before, Drax comes with knives, holsters on boots to hold said knives…I love that always.
  • Articulation here is the same as Movie Drax V1, it was already really very good.  Ab-crunch, double hinged knees and elbows, bi-cut, thigh cut, ball joint hips, wrist movement, ankle rockers.  Drax got moves for days. 
  • Drax comes with a rocket launcher.  I will never complain about an included rocket launcher.  Ever.

The Bad

  • My only complaint here is that Drax didn’t come with an alternate, less ragey head / face.

The rest

Slight tweaks to this already fantastic figure panned out well for Hasbro in this release.  They have managed to re-use an already great mold to give us a figure that is improved, and certainly different enough to warrant a purchase.  Fans that missed the first wave of Guardians in 2014, this is your chance to fill the Movie Drax gap!  If you already have him, you shouldn’t be mad about picking this one up too, even if you are just doing so for the build a figure piece.  He’s a nicer piece all around than the original Movie Drax and deserves a spot on your shelves.


Drax can be pre-ordered at Big Bad Toy Store.  I also read just last night (Sunday night, I’m writing this on Monday), some Targets are getting their cases.  It was mentioned that they are street dated 2/26 at Target, but not at all Targets.  The Internet is a strange place full of alternate facts.  There are however many who have already scored at  places like Walgreens, so, happy hunting!

The Pictures

 MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.
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